Thing in the Ice brew

Modern competitive

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Thing in the Ice  Flip is the main win condition. A built in board wipe 7/8 creature that before it flips over is still resistant to lightning Bolts.

Snapcaster Mage gives you the ability to replay spells with flash, adding to the pace that Thing in the Ice  Flip can transform.

Birds of Paradise progresses your mana ramp and color fixing, and since most of the spells are 1 cost, it still allows you to play around its casting cost.

Collected Company tutors creatures, allowing you to get key pieces out. This card can be played turn 3 if the tempo is right, but expect it to be a turn 4 card.

Lava Spike is a sorcery speed bolt.

Lightning Bolt does 3 damage to creature or player at instant speeds, it's the golden standard of burn.

Spell Pierce is crucial to slowing down fast paced low mana decks.

Serum Visions lets you draw and Scry for card advantage.

Vexing Devil is a unique 4 damage lightning bolt or one cost 4/3 creature.

Sylvan Caryatid is another ramp and fixer piece that is hexproof.

Skullcrack, one of the few 2 cost cards in the Instants/ Sorceries lost, prevents damage from being stopped and deals 3.

Noxious Revival lets you pluck cards from your graveyard for Phyrexian Mana!

Lands - all fetch/ shock. The timer of this deck beats the self inflicted damage on most occasions.


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