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Immortality Combo



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This deck is used to combo cards with the Theros card Gift of Immortality. I will explain most of the combos and their aspects

Blasting Station /Bubbling Cauldron - these are my main sacrifice cards. These are what makes this deck so much better. First put Gift of Immortality on a creature then you can sacrifice that creature every turn with these artifacts and do there effect and also do a effect like Ashen Rider to exile two permanents.

Harvester of Souls - this card is very useful for the use of drawing cards whenever something dies. Especially useful late game when I will have my cards out to sacrifice. They die and comeback I draw card use sacrifice ability and also the card who died ability.

Proper Burial - This card is just like harvester of souls, but instead of drawing I get life which in late game can be very helpful.

Ashen Rider /Archon of Justice - Here and especially combined with sacrifice cards I can with Ashen Rider and my sacrifice artifacts can exile 2 permanents or Archon rider 1 permanent every turn to make it so you can start to control the board taking out whatever card you want.

Guardian of the Gateless - With this combined as once this is out your opponent will not be able to get past you with creatures and the more he/she attacks you with the stronger the attack of the angel will become thus killing more of your opponents creatures and if it dies which +1/+1 is usually not enough per creature it blocks to be able to have it survive it will come back and if it doesn't die you can sac it for one of the sacrifice cards abilities and have it come back. You can also use this card as a small attack and get over them with flying and then after sac with sacrifice and it will comeback untapped ready to block.

Diabolic Tutor - Since this deck is a combo deck you need to be able to have the right cards in your hands. This will get them to you. The Diabolic Tutor can get you anything, like the Ashen Rider or the Gift of Immortality if you need it,

Rune-Scarred Demon - This is great for when it comes out I can find a gift of immortality in my deck and then whenever I want a card I sacrifice it and it will enter the battlefield again for another pick up. This has decreased the amount of Diabolic Tutor I will have in my deck. I will keep some tutors for if i can not acquire a heartless to make this card cheaper.

Yoked Ox - This card is not just for a early blocker, but for the ability to put other enchantments on him like Ordeal of Heliod and in some cases (which is many) put Gift of Immortality to start doing sac abilities. Also its foil because foil cards are lucky. And if you don't care, well because I felt like it.

Treasury Thrull - he is used when someone has exile cards or destroy enchantments (as described below as a weakness) to take out your Gift of Immortality and then reaquire by him attacking and if you use Heartless Summoning he is only 4 mana. But if not the case is also great for with the yoked ox situation when he has already done ordeal heliod's +10 life end ability to do it again at your turn every time to amass a very high life amount. Also you can put gift on him also just liked yoked ox mostly so he won't die upon you attacking with him.

Heartless Summoning - This is used so that on round six you can get out a Ashen Rider or 3 Archon of Justice . As I'm not usually attacking often just taking out what i can of the opponents and defending with Guardian of the Gateless this drop is not bad.

Greater Auramancy - This is a great counter to unsummons and other controls people can put out and also stops people from destroy enchantment on my gift of immoralities.

Mimic Vat - This card is like a protection card. Its for when you finally get that Ashen Rider out and then it gets destroyed or burned. Well now you can summon him for three mana and then he gets saced at the end anyway, so it can be a three mana and tap exile a permanent block/attack exile another permanent.

  • Doomgape - This card is beautiful for its sacrifice ability. Though its mana cost is high, if I get Gift of Immortality on him I have +10 life at my upkeep every turn which is awesome and if I do heartless I get it out at 5 and +9 every turn. -- proper burial may get rid of this card, but I do like how I can combo it with Xathrid Demon .

  • Xathrid Demon - This card can be amazingly combined with Doomgape . All of a sudden instead of me gaining ten life my opponents are losing 10 life. This combo can also be acquired quite easily using Diabolic Tutor and Rune-Scarred Demon

Side board

  • Purity - for when you face a burn deck the ability to bring that in so they can't burn you directly.

Strengths -

These I say are highly prominent today in magic, but there are other decks some of which have my weaknesses.

Weakness -

  • quick deck - this deck can go slow sometimes so a quick deck can be quite scary. That is why I have the heartless summonings, but that is not always enough.

  • Burn deck - A burn deck has the ability to one take out our mana with cards like Demolish or other destroy lands to slow our progress and also the ability to burn our cards before the end step to take out the immortality of that card. So be careful most probably use Gift of Immortality as a surviving aspect for your creatures and attack them as burn decks usually have low defenses.

  • Exiles/destroy enchantment - as exile does not kill the creature gift of immortality is taken out from the creature. But that is why I have Mine Excavation and Treasury Thrull to get back Gift of Immortality . This you can't make a deck completely out of unless works off of exiles, but not highly prominent. But these are in most decks for insurance when you need and can be annoying to my deck.

  • control(counter) - This is the most annoying thing to face in all with this deck. If they know your deck well they will know exactly what to use their Counterspell and Unsummon on. This is what I don't know how to beat at all. I did have Greater Auramancy in my deck, but after thinking about it as described above I found its great flaw.

In the comments I would like feedback on my weaknesses and things I can do to get around these some, but I accept all feedback that help my deck become better


Privileged Position — Dec. 17, 2013

Added Privileged Position to my maybe this can help on control decks, but this is a very high price card.

added new combo — Dec. 17, 2013

Added Doomgape and Xathrid Demon which these can be good alone but also very good together.

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