Goldnight Redeemer


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed (DDQ) Uncommon
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Uncommon

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Goldnight Redeemer

Creature — Angel


When Goldnight Redeemer enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life for each other creature you control.

Goldnight Redeemer Discussion

TaegukTheWise on Roon Blink Shenanigans

1 year ago

With the amount of basics you have I would say to either take out Farhaven Elf or Solemn Simulacrum (I say either because of the differing mana costs) I like the pick with the Ulvenwald Hydra with all the non basics. I like the doomsday thing you're trying to pull off with Laboratory Maniac, I would chuck it in my deck as well, but getting the combo reliably isn't consistent and if you draw a lab maniac during a regular game I guarantee you that he will sit in your hand forever and its the first thing you discard since it doesn't actively do something, I get that every piece serves a purpose but lab maniac doesn't serve much of a purpose except take up a valuable card slot to get to a game plan that won't happen often (good try though). My recommendation to you is that you get a Minion Reflector instead since it doubles ETB triggers with a hasty body for mana and it combos just as well as the infinite draw combo you wanted to fire off.

Add Jace's Mindseeker it synergizes well with your diluvian primordial. Instead of Goldnight Redeemer use Cloudblazer, its the card draw that sells this one and at that rate add Mulldrifter over blue sun's.

By themselves Myr Battlesphere, Avenger of Zendikar, can sure make tokens and operate as efficient threats by themselves but they need a bit more to be more relevant, Hornet Queen is in a worse position but in the same boat.Cathars' Crusade, Call for Unity and Meadowboon can shore up the fact that your value creatures and tokens are typically small while staying with your main game plan (while staying cheaper than Craterhoof Behemoth), even if that's fetching for a basic. Swap the angel of invention for the crusade. Instead of icefall reagent use Frost Titan if you want more value locking things down. You have in your deck, you want Leyline of Anticipation since if its in your opening hand its free over the orrery if you didn't have then run the orrery.

I'm under the assumption that you want to be a control variant, which is fine but you need to have more control aspects like counterspells, add Counterspell Disallow, Voidslime and Glen Elendra Archmage she also combos well the cathar's crusade. I want you to look at Ghostly Flicker and tell me how good it is after a board wipe, cards like that are not good cards, you have the right idea with adding other blinkers like restoration angel, and Eldrazi displacer, they are so much better in comparison since they are creatures and can do something versus sitting in your hand and doing nothing after a wipe. Vorinclex seems cool, but I find that stalling out my opponents does better when its my main game plan (he also doesn't have an ETB effect either), I don't see much use out of him otherwise.

A bunch of your cards are good cards but the deck needs more focus. Edric rewards aggressive decks, this deck has aspects but can't always cash in on that. This deck wants to control the board but has a big volume of unnecessary blink (cough* ghostly flicker cards exclusively) and creatures that don't control the board, unlike stonehorn dignitary and mystic snake. You can get a lot more reliable and repeatable card draw out of creatures versus instants and sorceries because you run a blink deck, so abuse that. I don't understand what you seek to copy with cards like progenitor mimic, if you want cool creatures go with a control classic like Gilded Drake.

Choose a style and go with it, if you take a look at my Roon deck you will see a lot of cards that don't seem to synergize, but they have a common and fun theme that's extremely powerful and oppressive since they have an underlying theme. I control the board then I go aggro for the win. Treat your Roon deck like an exclusively ETB/LTB midrange deck at first. There are a lot of cuts I would make if I were in your shoes, but i'm not so its really in your ball court to start capitalizing on Roon's potential. There are also a lot more things to say, but I'll let this comment sink in for now. Just ask if you need more help/suggestions, or check out my list for reference.

Bxbx on A Girl's Best Friends...

1 year ago


it might be a bit of a stretch for your mana base, but you could include Flamekin Village, Hall of the Bandit Lord or Hanweir Battlements to grant a creature haste. This way you can maybe cut Ring of Valkas or Chariot of Victory to use their cardslots otherwise.

Soul Snare is not good in here because you won't get any blockers out of the way when Kaalia of the Vast is attacking. Better play Swords to Plowshares.

Instead of Congregate you could play another creature: Angel of Invention, Archangel of Thune, Baneslayer Angel, Butcher of the Horde, Gisela, the Broken Blade, Goldnight Redeemer or Resolute Archangel.

Vayder84 on Kaalia's air sovereignty

2 years ago

With all the different effects your creatures have i would consider throwing in an Odric, Lunarch Marshal, Cloudshift mainly for the art flavor, but the etb retrigger is nice, Planar Outburst boardwipe, Emeria Shepherd get back some useful cards from your graveyard,Descend upon the Sinful art flavor and board wipe,Goldnight Redeemer life gain per creature, and finally Aegis Angel for commander protection.

xyr0s on Black/white

2 years ago

So... what is the exact way, you want this deck to win in? Going wide, with many creatures (Crusader of Odric indicates this)? Then you need something that gives you many creatures on the table. Gaining a lot of life? That's also a way, but I don't think you go at it very efficiently. Soul sisters with token generators are simply better. However: drop the "many creatures matters" approach and focus on life-gain, because your creatures aren't cheap so you will not outnumber your opponent anyway. A 3/3 Seraph of the Masses is neither particularly intimidating, nor likely to win you a game.

Mainly, it looks like you are going for creatures with abilities that trigger from lifegain. But where is Ajani's Pridemate then?

Also, if you want to do something that could be a bit funny and fit with your deck: Blind Obedience and Deathbringer Liege. No, it's not particularly competitive (which I think this isn't to begin with - it seems very casual), but it's so funny when it succeeds. Tithe Drinker goes well with this plan.

Also: more lands. Huge, cost-ineffective fatties like Sengir Vampire and Goldnight Redeemer is not going to be played on only 20 lands. I would say about 24 lands, no lower.

Vortexflame on

2 years ago

In a deck with less than 14 Auras, you really shouldn't be running Daybreak Coronet. Solemn Offering is Sorcery speed and the 4 life you get from it really isn't worth it. Goldnight Redeemer seems like a lot of mana for a weaker Congregate. You also don't have much card draw. Maybe consider Honden of Seeing Winds.

jalka on Angelic Defiance

3 years ago

Wouldn't be better to replace Angel of Renewal with Goldnight Redeemer ? Since the effect would be better and the mana cost is mana symbol 4 mana symbol w mana symbol w wich may be helpful if you have Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx on the battlefield. Also I think this deck is a bit weak in early game , so I would replace Sigil of the Empty Throne with Guardian Seraph to prevent some early damage although it may be better as sideboard.

For the rest I really like this kind of deck so I'll search for some cards I need and try out how it works.

TheFoilAjani on Goldnight Redeemer and Nephalia Smuggler ...

3 years ago

If I am correctly understanding your situation, you did it correctly. Just to confirm, let's say you have Goldnight Redeemer and Nephalia Smuggler and your husband has 3 Forest Bear. You block two, and one bear is unblocked. Before damage is dealt, you flicker Redeemer with the Smuggler. You gain 4, and take 2 from the previously unblocked Bear. The second bear was still "blocked" (think of it as a condition your creature put on the bear) and as a result you take no damage. Is this the situation? And in this scenario, you would gain the life immediately.

Just fyi, Nephalia Smuggler activates for , not . Just in case.

CandyAngel on Goldnight Redeemer and Nephalia Smuggler ...

3 years ago

This happened in a game between my husband and myself not long ago, and I just wanted to make sure we did it correctly. We were playing the Blessed vs. Cursed decks (me blessed, him cursed). He managed to amass a buffed up horde of zombie tokens with Havengul Runebinder and both Diregraf Captains.

My shenanigans held out for a while, but eventually I was forced into a block just to survive his attack. I had a few weak creatures on the field plus Goldnight Redeemer and Nephalia Smuggler. I declared all of my creatures (including Smuggler and Goldnight) to block each of his attackers, and had one attacker left unblocked that would not kill me.

I then paid the mana and tapped Smuggler to blink Goldnight. Our understanding is that Goldnight is removed from combat, the creature she was blocking is still blocked while she takes no damage, I gain health for all of the other creatures I had on the field (I think it was 3 or 4 besides her), and after all of that, THEN combat damage is done and creatures (mostly mine) die.

This move made the game drag on a few more turns before I ultimately lost, but I'm not 100% sure we did it correctly. I also wanted to make sure the health does come back before combat damage is dealt. It wouldn't have mattered in this instance, but it almost did. We're both pretty sure health comes back first.

I think we're getting a good grasp on the rules, so I'd appreciate an expert to confirm it. Thank you :)

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