Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Gain control of target creature with power 4 or less until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn.

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Wrangle Discussion

SwagMuffinMr.5 on Hour of Devastation Sucker Punch!

4 weeks ago

I LOVE this deck idea. I was planning on building one just like it however this is a way better structure then the way I was going to take it. I have some suggestions though.

First off, I would suggest swapping out a Wrangle with another Fling because fling has faster burst potential than Wrangle where fling can basically double damage and Wrangle is going to remove a single blocker but only increase damage to a maximum of 4. Plus fling just has more synergy with Kari Zev's Expertise

Second, Hazoret's Favor just seems too slow for me. This may seem like a pretty wild suggestion but I think it would be efficient if you replaced those two with two Lathnu Hellions. The hellions have haste, they are high tempo for their mana cost, and they have nice potential for fling fuel. All you would really need them for is just two turns anyways. Turn 3 play and swing for 4 damage. Turn four, pump with invigorated rampage and swing for 8 damage, then second main phase fling it for another 8 damage.

Last, I think Goblin Dark-Dwellers is a really good card to gain more value from Kari Zev's Expertise however it will be rotating out soon so eventually you might want to replace those with more Glorybringers, Combustible Gearhulks, or Heart-Piercer Manticores.

Remember, these are just suggestions, but I think these are some of the changes you should make to get the deck faster. Your original work has inspired me to play this deck in standard. What a fun deck!

ISchock on Gremlin's Ultimatum

1 month ago

Thanks for the tips! I think your Wrangle, Invigorated Rampage, and Kari Zev's Expertise spells are great considering how much we just want to swing in with the Ravenous Intruder without fear of being blocked. Ichor Wellspring definitely needs to replace my Prism since I don't need mana fixing. I really like Treasure Keeper's ability in this deck and I don't know if you see a use for him in yours since he is standard legal, but I just picture him casting Expertise which then lets you cast something else. Or if he casts Scrap Trawler and then you combo off another artifact like Servo Schematic it is a beautiful thing.

Thanks for your comment on your deck feed. It's true that there is nothing new under the sun and we can't know everything that's already out there. I'm glad I ran into you on this site so that my gremlins can thrive and be a little more obnoxious :)

ISchock on Saliva of the Space-Aardvark

1 month ago

noodr!!! I didn't realize you had this deck already and here I am making this clunkier version. I like this a lot, we both seem to love the Gremlins (cough atog). I see now looking at your deck that mine needed more cards like Wrangle to get creatures out of the way for mine to swing in. Thank you for the inspiration!

Schar17 on

1 month ago

No olhei o preo, mas:

Wrangle custa 2 de mana e 4 de ataque muito!

Bone Splinters e/ou Carrion Feeder podem reduzir o custo de mana (por menos que eu goste do Carrion Feeder nesse deck)

Fallen Angel pode ser uma opo pro final do jogo.

Indulgent Aristocrat pode ser uma opo boa se manter a maior parte do deck de vampiro. Com isso pode juntar Child of Night ou Ruthless Cullblade por exemplo, que tem baixo custo e o nico problema a vida baixa, o que se resolve por voc roubar e sacrificar os defensores do oponente. Outra coisa que achei nesse sentido que t um pouco redundante ter 16 opes diferentes pra sacrificar as criaturas, sendo que na prtica se sacrificar pra uma as outras continuam na mesma.

NumberX on Mono-Red Aggro (Avg. CMC 1.82)

1 month ago

SharpInclude I did consider it and I have Wrangle in my sideboard. However, I went with Hijack in my main deck instead because it also gives the ability for taking artifacts and artifact vehicles for a turn, and vehicle decks are currently at 16% meta according to MTG Goldfish.

SharpInclude on Mono-Red Aggro (Avg. CMC 1.82)

1 month ago

Nice deck! I was just wondering if you considered running Wrangle instead of Hijack.

Argy on Hijack

1 month ago

The ratio of Non-Creature to Creature spells is too high, in this deck.

You've got 19 Non-Creature to 18 Creature. That means you are more likely to draw Non-Creature spells. That then means that you might not have decent targets for Fling and Hazoret's Favor.

You only have your 2x Gifted Aetherborn as early Creatures to play. You should aim to have roughly 8 Creatures that are decent 1 or 2 drops. If you don't get early Creatures on the field your Opponents can just outrace you.

Gifted Aetherborn is a terrific early game Creature, which also helps if it comes out in the late game. I'd put two more in.

Unfortunately I was not able to test this deck properly, due to the low Creature count. I didn't draw any hands that were good enough to play.

If I were you I'd take out 2x Wrangle and Hazoret's Favor for some extra Gifted Aetherborn and maybe a Bloodrage Brawler.

Once you have made some changes tag me, and I'll take another look.

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