Silumgar's Scorn


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Uncommon

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Silumgar's Scorn


As an additional cost to cast Silumgar's Scorn, you may reveal a Dragon card from your hand.

Counter target spell unless its controller pays . If you revealed a Dragon card or controlled a Dragon as you cast Silumgar's Scorn, counter that spell instead.

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Silumgar's Scorn Discussion

skoobysnackz on Esper "Turtle" Control

1 month ago

Having experience playing an esper dragons list, I don't think Silumgar's Scorn would be worth it here even with Mutavault, which just turns it into a Cancel which is super underwhelming. That being said I think any deck that runs Dragonlord Ojutai should also have a copy of Minamo, School at Water's Edge. It can replace an Island because it enters untapped and can be a virtual Counterspell against removal.

Regarding Esper Charm and Lingering Souls, I think they are both amazing but they're not meant for the same strategies. If your goal is to use hand disruption and removal to keep up, then I would go with Esper Charm. If you're more interested in tempo plays, and lots of synergies with the graveyard then Lingering Souls is your card. This looks like a fun list, keep it up!

cplvela0811 on Esper "Turtle" Control

1 month ago


I really like the Chromium, the Mutable paired with Dragonlord Ojutai. +1.

I must suggest same changes, however;

-3 Esper Charm, for 3+ Lingering Souls. The card does so much. I do know it is sorcery, but aside from providing great blockers - it can take away games at times. The resiliency is also very relevant and acts as 2x cards in itself.

Also, How about the inclusion of Mutavault + Silumgar's Scorn? This would make for a very interesting Counterspell, considering that Mutavault is a Dragon type, along with Chromium, the Mutable and Dragonlord Ojutai.

CommanderNeyo on Esper Dragons

3 months ago

Because you only have 4 dragons, are you sure you want to play 4 of Silumgar's Scorn? I feel like it won't reliably be a true Counterspell.

Sinist3r on Ojutai University

4 months ago

Might sound weird but I actually really like utilizing Silumgar's Scorn by running Crib Swap and Mutavaults in conjunction with Ojutai (if you're never going to splash black for silumgar and Nameless Inversion.) Card is great because for Ojutai lists it's strictly better than Negate.

sylvannos on Need Help - Reworking Modern ...

6 months ago

I've been toying around with a Dragon Control list myself. What I've been thinking of is:

2x Cavern of Souls
9x Forest
1x Kessig Wolf Run
3x Mountain
4x Stomping Ground
4x Wooded Foothills
Land (23)

4x Stormbreath Dragon
4x Thunderbreak Regent
4x Thundermaw Hellkite
Creatures (12)

4x Anger of the Gods
3x Blood Moon
4x Lightning Bolt
2x Planeswalkers (likely Chandra, Flamecaller and/or Garruk Wildspeaker)
4x Pyroclasm
4x Search for Tomorrow
4x Utopia Sprawl
Other Spells (25)

1x Blood Moon
2x Choke
1x Crumble to Dust
3x Destructive Revelry
1x Molten Rain
3x Obstinate Baloth
1x Shatterstorm
2x Thragtusk
1x Thrun, the Last Troll

The idea is to just sit on removal, toss out ramp spells, then curve into large dragon after large dragon. If you add blue in your list, I'd prioritize Serum Visions, Sarkhan Unbroken, and Silumgar's Scorn. Courser of Kruphix is also a good option, and you have those in your list.

Blood Moon and a planeswalker could come out for 4 copies of Glorybringer.

If you're not going to use Anger of the Gods and Pyroclasm maindeck, I'd strongly recommend Birds of Paradise over the other mana dorks in your list. Even then, I'd play Search for Tomorrow alongside it. That way, you set yourself up for consistent turn 3 dragons into more dragons on turn 4.

IneedsomeWATA on Dragons with Friends

7 months ago

Hey I really like Temur Ascendancy and Silumgar's Scorn I'll definitely add those to my deck. I think maybe adding a Stubborn Denial could be cool and I agree more mana acquiring cards!! Good luck

Pieguy396 on Contron

7 months ago

Hey there! I saw your Reddit post asking for help, so I decided to leave a comment here because I like T/O comment syntax better. In any case, I would probably focus more on your control and voltron themes, and cut out cards that don't help either of those plans (mainly the Wizard subtheme, I'd stick to just 2 plans).



Hope this helps!

Pieguy396 on Familiar's Ruse : Why Isn't ...

8 months ago

This Reddit thread has a lot of good answers. Mainly, it's the fact that you can't expect to always be able to cast it. If it was something along the lines of Silumgar's Scorn (i.e. Force Spike if you don't bounce a creature, Counterspell if you do), I would like it a lot more.

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