First Rule of Flight Club: Respect the Budget

Second Rule of Flight Club: Respect the Budget.

Third Rule of Flight Club: If you’re a creature in this deck, You. Will. Fly.


A dilapidated hovel with a flooded basement surrounded by a big, wide open yard and nobody within half a mile? Sure sounds like an Island surrounded by Plains to me. As per Rule #2 (see also Rule #1), we operate on a budget. That means no expensive dual lands, no fetch lands with mass market consumer appeal, and no designer filter lands priced at a premium. Nah, we’re looking for the equivalent of a leather jacket; inexpensive utility lands that’ll last until we shuffle off this mortal coil.

Mistgate Pathway   (or its inverse, Hengegate Pathway  ) is as close to selling our soul to Corporate America as we come. The costliest card in our maindeck is well worth the price though, allowing us access to either or immediately.

•A lone copy of Port Town sits here looking for all the world like Paper Street Soap Co. and is all too happy to cough up whatever color we need.

•A few more Islands than Plains stuffed into our deck will keep us collecting mana turn after turn, like free paychecks from an insurance company pummeled into submission.


Because sometimes you just need to fall into the waiting arms of a friend, nestling into the soft and supple comfort of those bountiful bosoms.

Alcoholics Anonymous. Testicular Cancer. Sickle-Cell Anemia. Brain Parasites. We won’t be attending any of these, but we will be infiltrating a few support groups of our own.

Authority of the Consuls reeks of all the legalistic red tape peculiar to a Recall Specialist for the automobile industry. Embodying everything heinous about the insurance process, cast this to slow down your opponent’s every step while siphoning off their patience in the form of 1 point of life for each creature they cast.

Favorable Winds symbolizes the true camaraderie of those joined in purpose of a cause; one of these in play will fortify every creature on our side of the table, adding an additional +1/+1.

Rally of Wings is delightful to cast on the opponent’s turn, after they declare an attack against us and our fully tapped out boardstate.

Counterspell and Lofty Denial give us some breathing room, forestalling anything too problematic our opponent may wish to do. Since the majority of our creatures are pushovers on their own, we really are relying on establishing a particular board presence that’s boosted by anthem effects, so counter magic will bless us with a comfortable buffer zone in which to play the cards we need. Lofty Denial is a strictly better Mana Leak in this particular deck, and don’t forget that Judge's Familiar has some counter magic of its own built right in.

•User DreadKhan pointed out the value Winged Words brings to the deck in the form of pure draw power, and since we’re guaranteed to take advantage of the cost reduction aspect of the card it does indeed seem like a no brainer here. 2 mana for 2 cards can’t be beat, at least not in this format.


With chapters of Flight Club all over the country, prospective members have been standing on our doorstep for days. It’s time we hand pick the latest batch of recruits and work on strengthening them through unification, working toward a common goal.

•Let’s start with our weak and feeble central character, The Narrator. A 1/1 Flyer, he’s…pathetic. An overworked, underpaid Momma’s boy kept drowning in the waters of Corporate America, he does have a certain knack for seeing the big picture. Cast him for a single and scry 2 to help further the interests of our little club.

Faerie Miscreant is about as vanilla a creature as they come, another lowly 1/1 for 1. The built in card draw has proven effective in playtesting, and as 1/1 will quickly snowball into a 2/2, 3/3 and beyond this little rogue can become quite potent—if she manages to stick around.

Judge's Familiar is the easiest spell in the deck to cast, and makes a fine Turn 1 play. Ever faithful to the cause, it thinks nothing of sacrificing itself to disrupt the actions of those who would oppose our organization. Look no further, for we have found our Power Animal.

Empyrean Eagle functions as one of our more useful creatures, instantly augmenting the strength of every other creature in the deck. Robust, effective, and worth every bit of its cost.

Thunderclap Wyvern is a more specialized variation of the aforementioned creature. An extra gives us the ability to Flash it in for a group hug, which can be quite unexpected. Given our array of counterspells our opponent will most definitely be anticipating that we hold some untapped mana in reserve, but Flashing in a defensive blocker which pumps everything else we have in play may prove surprising.

Tyler Durden is everything you wish you were and nothing that you are. Inspiring recruits with lifelink or bestowing a sense of immortality on all charter members of our little club, Tyler is the Alpha Male, one of “God’s own prototypes”.

Creative license aside, the anthem effects brought to the table by this creature make casting it our primary goal we need to work toward. Granting everything else we own immortality and offering the benefit of Lifelink makes this 7/7 our win con, and the ease with which it can be put into play cannot be understated. Keep some counter magic at the ready, as ensuring this one hits the table is an absolute must.

With Sephara, Sky's Blade in play and just a handful of anthem effects buffing our creatures, attack with our Angel leading the charge. What were once 1/1’s hardly worth wasting a bolt on have grown into scrappy 3/3 or higher Indestructible brawlers, all of them Flyers. Led by our 7/7 (or more likely 9/9 or more) Flight Club co-founder, the battle will be swift and decisive. Feel free to cast that remaining Rally of Wings prior to declaring the attack and watch the opposition fall.


•Cast Authority of the Consuls to slow down the game, scrying and setting up subsequent draws with Faerie Seer.

•Control the flow of the game with Judge’s Familiar, Counterspell and Lofty Denial, capitalizing on card advantage from Faerie Miscreant.

•Commence aerial bombardment with a plethora of indestructible flying creatures bolstered by various anthem effects.


The Man will try to keep you down, and so we need to be prepared so as to stay one step ahead.

Pithing Needle covers our butts against activated abilities that our counter Magic just doesn’t cover. Better to devote some sideboard slots to this than end up like Bob. sigh…Robert Paulson…

Relic of Progenitus combats the strong presence of Graveyard-centric decks in the format as of late.

Apostle's Blessing provides some of the most ironclad, all encompassing protection the format can offer. Best used to shield Sephara, Sky's Blade, as she doesn’t grant Indestructible to herself and is our primary win con.

Light of Hope has a few different options, but we’ll likely be choosing the middle one. Grab yourself some lipo-fat, render that down into soap, skim off the glycerin, add a dash of nitric acid and BOOM! blow that enchantment to Kingdom Come.


Sideboard is incomplete as of the first publishing of the deck, and suggestions are appreciated—provided they respect the Rules of Flight Club.

”…and they conspired all of them together to come and fight…”


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