This will be the fastest edh deck

If you want it a little more, add Vexing Devil and if you want it even more expensive, replace Goblin Arsonist or Goblin Fireslinger with Goblin Guide . Also before I edited it, I had Young Pyromancer instead of War-Name Aspirant , Lightning Bolt instead of Punishing Fire , Lava Spike instead of Searing Blaze , Lightning Serpent instead of Flame Rift and Monastary Swiftspear instead of Warbringer so if you want to change it back, you can. This will be probably the best EDH/Commander deck I will ever create on this website on this account so PLEASE give it a +1 Upvote and any suggestions, please leave it in the comments below.

The cheapest that I found on the web for everything is 10.14 but that is the lowest amount I can find them all. (Even with Zurgo Bellstriker and the Mountain 's because the highest card at the lowest price is Zurgo Bellstriker at exactly $1.00

But at Mid price it's around $15 including Zurgo Bellstriker!


I chose Zurgo Bellstriker as commander because even though my friends say it's super bad. I kind of want to prove it that it is useful in a way so I thought of commander. It is good in commander because if it dies, and it costs 5 mana, you can cast it for it's dash cost to bring it to your hand. Then you can cast it for its dash cost for only two, which is better than 5.