This is a Surgical Extraction deck that attempts to remove early win combos from the deck before they can be played. It uses Day's Undoing to reset after spending multiple cards to remove 4 copies of the opponents most important cards. Each time hands are reset the opponent is missing more key cards from their deck.

Scheming Symmetry combos with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver's +2 to ensure you get Day's Undoing and they get nothing. Scheming Symmetry also works with Temporal Mastery.

Many cards are geared towards controlling your opponent's 1-3 cost cards: Inquisition of Kozilek, Engineered Explosives, Spell Snare. And the deck has little to handle anything that costs 4 or more except Damnation and Thoughtseize. Focusing on this mana range helps the deck respond quicker to decks like Colossus Hammer that would end you by turn 3.

It may not seem like much card draw but Scheming Symmetrying a Day's Undoing is everything you need. Temporal Mastery gives you an extra turn which gives you an extra card and Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver can steal creature cards.


A win con other than steeling creatures with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver for the main deck. In case the opponents deck has no creatures.

Ability to remove both players lands or permanents turn <=4 would be nice to keep all the "with converted mana cost 2/3 or less" effects in play. (I have been looking everywhere for this. I have even considered trying to cheat out Bearer of the Heavens)


Midrange/Aggro - Since the deck is basically a 60 card sideboard, The sideboard is just the win combo from the Ad Nauseam decks and some white land. It replaces 4xSurgical Extraction, 4xExtirpate, 4xSwamp, 1xAshiok, Nightmare Weaver, and 1xPithing Needle. This would work well against regular midrange and non-combo aggro decks. You could take out the early-game as usual and then Damnation mid-game and combo off to win late-game. Skipping the Surgical Extraction steps is fine as these kinds of decks aren't combo based.

Burn - take out Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver for Damping Sphere or other anti burn since we don't care about putting another burn spell on top of their library with Scheming Symmetry and we can search for the 1 anti burn card.

Mill - Day's Undoing enough said.

Control - I don't know if Extirpateing the opponents counter spells is a great idea but it's the best I got. No way to deal with plainswalkers.

Cascade - Have the discard their cascade cards then exile the rest of the set.

Urza's Kitchen - Get rid of The Underworld Cookbook, and Damnation the rest of the board.'

Living End - Day's Undoing their graveyard or get rid of their Living Ends.

Graveyard - Day's Undoing and the -10 from Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver.

To do:

Reconcile maybe board, Unmoored Ego and Snapcaster Mage are very tempting.

Fix turn 2 - In playtests it seems there is room for the opponent can get creatures off turn 2 which makes it hard to play a plainswalker on turn 3.


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