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I put a wolf and a bird in my enlarged Pee-Pole!




I don't know about you but its pretty much self explanatory from the title.

No not really?

In this deck I placed a Wolfir Silverheart and a War Falcon on my buffed up humans.

Simple and fast set up and intend it to hit high combat damage in under 7 turns (ideally T4-5). Reasonably small creatures with low CMC and combat advantage (double strike,first strike,protection) or evasion were chosen to be laced with "growing"spells to get through the defense quick. I have below some of the reasoning for and my explanation of the card choices.

Silverblade Paladin . Is probably what the whole thing is built around on. The soul bond double strike ability on a 3 mana creature is incredibly ridiculous.

Wolfir Silverheart. A bonded silverheart on any creature is an absolute threat. But bonded with a paladin? There are those that say Thragtusk and Restoration Angel almost always be connected to the hip. This is how I feel about wolfir and the paladin.

Avacyn's Pilgrim and Arbor Elf. For mana advantage. Just enough to be 1 or 2 ahead of the opponents bigger blockers or to give that one last mana for the buffers.

Elite Inquisitor . firststrike? yes. vigilance? check. protection from the evil that's among us? all of them.

Fencing Ace . I am a little on the fence with this one and he is actually the one who will be subbed with side board players when needed. His double strike is good buffed but still underwhelming alone. I also use him for his soldier subtype because of...

War Falcon . Believe it or not this wins my 3 out of my 5 games. The evasion in the early turns is something that is hard to contend with. People look past this gem but its a 2/1 flyer for 1 mana.

Angel of Jubilation. I know most will say put a Sigarda, Host of Herons or a Sublime Archangel in its place, but the sigarda has a higher mana cost and arrives too late to the party. I find that the extra 2 mana difference is what I would use for the final buffs to give max damage. The sublime is only 1 power greater ( okay more for the exalted ability) but I don't have any and really not motivated to get them because the jubilation does a great job doing the same things with an added buff to anybody whether they attack alone or not.

Giant Growth, Rancor and Revenge of the Hunted. The buffers I endearingly talk about. On sale at 1 cmc all the time. And yes I mulligan if I see the revenge in my opening hand.

Selesnya Charm. I think its the best of the lot. It always seems to do something you want all the time and at any part of the game. A blocker, a quick soldier for the falcon, a buff for the double strikers, evasion from the Pillar of Flame s, and to remove that big fattie. It should have had the swiss knife emblem on it.

Cavern of Souls. I do acknowledge the fact that set up is crucial to this build and that cheap ( low cost I mean) counter abound. The mana fixing is not bad too. I did think about Gavony Township but creature boost past turn 5 using that much mana is something I will leave for now.

Now I want to touch about the reason why there are creatures that are all essential all stars in other builds that were not included here. Generally they were either because they filled up the same slot as the ones I felt were indispensable (Champion of Lambholt or Loxodon Smiter at the 3 slot vs paladin) or that by playtesting (and I did so for about 2 weeks) never really gave me how I wanted the deck to perform ( Champion of the Parish v falcon). And as for Sigarda, Host of Herons I already explained with the jubilation.

the side board

I chose Tormod's Crypt vs Rest in Peace. This was due to Rancor but I feel Ground Seal still needs experimentation because of the card draw.

Knight of Glory . For swamp hate. Only 2 because the inquisitor probably covers 80-90% of the combat interaction from that set.

Sundering Growth and Ray of Revelation . 3 total but the ratio is still debatable. I don't think there are a lot of game breaking artifacts out there in standard so the rays flashback is very alluring.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Your a member of tapped out so you know why.

Oblivion Ring for removal and Nevermore for pseudo removal? (if I can use that term) or just delay the progress of an opponent enough so that I can dish out or set up. Now I know purist will say I am an idiot ( and I assure you I am!) not including the o-ring main board. I when I built the deck the main proviso was it should be quick.Yes to take damage but not to relent in dishing a larger one in return. The o-ring is a great defense removal for the mid to long game. One I intend to use when indicated but for the regular build I want to be as offensive as possible.

Now for my biggest problem. I know that board wipes like Terminus,Supreme Verdict etc are my biggest threat (early burn spells can also stall out in the beginning) but I found that playing an Entreat the Angels always gives me significantly better odds in these situations. My side board is still over populated in this case so I still need advise to streamline it.

Nothing is still set in stone for this deck and I will absolutely appreciate everybody's help again to make it better. Criticisms and suggestions are always highly considered and welcome.

I would like to give Long_Con(Selesnyan Silverbond) and OFABass (I just crapped all over your deck) props for Inspiration to the build and for upholding the selensya banner.


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