War Falcon


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Common

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War Falcon

Creature — Bird


War Falcon can't attack unless you control a Knight or a Soldier.

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War Falcon Discussion

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Ideal Boros Pauper

1 month ago

I have one suggestion (for the synergies):

-4 War Falcon

+4 Goblin Bushwhacker


  1. You need more red creatures for Foundry Street Denizen to trigger

  2. You need more hasty threats to bash in while decks are looking for removal.

  3. Goblin Bushwhacker is a 1 CMC beater that randomly steal games between turns 2-5 when the opponent is not expecting him.


Playtest the deck with the Bush Whackers and see what you are losing to and what you are beating. Design the SB to beat your bad matchups.

Gakros on Lo-Amp oX

2 months ago

if you wanna go for more T1 plays then you should consider more 1mana creatures.
more Student of Warfare
Caravan Escort
Birds of Paradise
Gravecrawler / Bloodsoaked Champion / Dread Wanderer
War Falcon
to name a few.
that is the aggro-ish midrange way to go.If you are interested in full control yeah Duress effects ARE the way to go for 1.

Just Consider this: you do have a generally strong finisher(Knight of the Reliquary) but it is a "finisher" either focus on completely stop their actions before that or trade creatures with them that you can summon back.
either Duress their Rest in Peace from hand or go so much aggro that they regret even bringing them to the game.
For me Cryptbreaker + Gravecrawler is the way to punish my opponent when they mullied to 5 to play Rest in Peace agaisnt me.
(of course i always play 4x Ratchet Bomb vs Grave Hate but still i punish them).
Finally at least keep 1 Crib Swap in sb for those Goyf's / Death's Shadows.
Hope i helped.

Rusty_Shackleford on Beginner's white deck

6 months ago

Three thing about white creature decks is that they are made up of CHEAP cards that are largely interchangeable. That having been said, the selling point for such decks is typically their speed and consistency; accordingly, I'm going to just list a bunch of cards that are no more than $2 each that you might choose from. Pick what you like, my only firm suggestion being that you run 3-4 copies each of whatever you pick.

Benevolent Bodyguard, Mother of Runes, Kor Skyfisher, Leonin Skyhunter, Soltari Priest, Soltari Monk, Soltari Champion, White Knight, Silver Knight, Savannah Lions, Elite Vanguard, Dragon Hunter, Dryad Militant, War Falcon, Soldier of the Pantheon

Blard on A Game of Thrones

7 months ago

pretty much all of your creatures are soldiers so I would suggest War Falcon

slaftergames on Soldier's Rebirth

7 months ago

A lot of this depends on your budget, but:

Field Marshal, Benalish Commander, Rhox Pikemaster, Cenn's Enlistment, Timely Reinforcements (probably better in the side than in the main), and War Falcon are all potentially good options here, although only the first maximizes the utility of the Champion of the Parish.

slaftergames on Boros Battalion

7 months ago

Just a couple things I came across while looking through soldier cards and thought you might find interesting: Benalish Commander, Timely Reinforcements, Precinct Captain (which is coincidentally where our soldier token is from), War Falcon, Captain of the Watch

slaftergames on

7 months ago

Felt like taking a break from Ruins and got kind of bored.

Lords for soldiers: Field Marshal (generally avoided $3+ cards but this one's pretty sweet), Mobilization, Rhox Pikemaster, Veteran Armorsmith, Veteran Swordsmith

More soldier synergy: Benalish Commander

This combo: Preeminent Captain + Captain of the Watch

Increasing Devotion but for soldiers: Conqueror's Pledge

Other soldier stuff: Cenn's Enlistment, Evangel of Heliod, Timely Reinforcements, God-Favored General, Launch the Fleet, Militia's Pride, Precinct Captain, Raise the Alarm, War Falcon

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