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Lightning Reckoner

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This is a Red/White Boros Aggro/Haste. The main card in this deck is Boros Reckoner. It is a very hard card to deal with. I am still trying to work out how best to maximize it's abilities. Creature 1 mana drop are Boros Elite, Monastery Swiftspear, & Figure of Destiny, 2 mana drop Akroan Hoplite, and 3 mana drop Skyknight Legionnaire can take care of any threat on the battlefield. Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, & Path to Exile keep the opponent off guard and keeps the battlefield clear. Magma Jet allows me to get rid of small threats and Scry 2. Hanweir Battlements & Hanweir Garrison work well by themselves but can combine and make a big threat. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sideboard: (2) Ride Down, (2)Gideon's Reproach, (1) Path to Exile, (1) Relic of Progenitus, (2) Card: stony silence are the main cards. Please +1 Upvote.


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