Jund Midrange for Ixalan, the deck that I retired my Grixis Control list to play. Deadeye Tracker is a card I fell in love with as soon as it was spoiled. Our various removal and discard allows us to fill the opponent's graveyard to leverage deadeye as a card advantage engine. Arguel's Blood Fast, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, and Conqueror's Galleon are all fine cards on their own but shine when paired with the tracker giving absurd card selection for a non-blue deck. Various mid-range threats are their to close out the game alongside a powerful planeswalker suite. Will post updates as they develop and as more results come in.


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Before i delve into the event, this will be the last update for this specific deck. I have not given up on Jund or tracker though. Excavated Jund is the new version which has much more stability in testing and goldfishing in both mana and finding gas. The cost of this is removing Galleon and most of the grindy threat recursion. That is the version I will be playing at a PPTQ on 11/5

Match 1: 0-2 vs Sultai energy: drew poorly saw 0 early interaction and got smashed by cubs and gearhulk, got Ammit hostage takered in game 2 and lost from there. Match 2: 2-0 vs UB cycling: Their deck isn't built to fight planeswalkers. Chandra ulted in game 1 and in game 2 their hand got ripped apart of all relevant cards by discard.

Match 3: 1-2 vs Sultai Ramp, Game 1 ammit ran him over, Game 2 got mana screwed and Game 3 Hour of promise (with zombies) into vraska killed all my blockers and i got run over from there due to flood.


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