Jund Midrange for Ixalan, the deck that I retired my Grixis Control list to play. Deadeye Tracker is a card I fell in love with as soon as it was spoiled. Our various removal and discard allows us to fill the opponent's graveyard to leverage deadeye as a card advantage engine. Arguel's Blood Fast, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, and Conqueror's Galleon are all fine cards on their own but shine when paired with the tracker giving absurd card selection for a non-blue deck. Various mid-range threats are their to close out the game alongside a powerful planeswalker suite. Will post updates as they develop and as more results come in.


Round 1: 2-1 vs Sultai Energy: Game one i lost to not drawing a 4th land until it was too late and he curved out well. Game 2 Galleon (flipped) and Blood fast ground him out of resources while i had an active chandra amd kept recurring gifted aetherborn with the flipped galleon. Game 3 was similar to game 2 but had Deadeye, Chandra, and liliana active during a board stall, Ribbons killed him in turn 5 of extra turns.

Round 2: 2-1 vs G/W Cats: Game 1 had enough removal to close out the game with double ammit eternal. Game 2: i got mana screwed at 2 lands and as run over by gideon+cats Game 3: kept a hand of double fatal push 3 ammits and 2 lands, hit the 3rd land on time and Crocodile demons beat cats

Round 3: 2-1 vs 4c Energy: Same guy I lost to the week before except this time i had post board answers for the hydras. Game one i got beat as expected but saw sideboard cards both games 2 and 3 paired with removal to force the hydra to be sacced. Ammit then ran over the game since my opponent said he was no longer running aether meltdowns in his 75 which hoses ammis by itself.

Overall 4 ammirs was well worth it and the card feels legitimately powerful dodging most damage based removal in the format to allow it to get a hit in.


landofMordor says... #1

I would cut the Galleon and the Blood Fasts for stuff like Heartless Pillage, Raiders' Wake, or more Duress, if your stated goal is to abuse the Tracker through discard. I like the deck, though!

October 8, 2017 5:43 p.m.

psychosmurf96 says... #2

landofMordor my biggest problem with mind rot effects over the card advantage engines is that they do nothing in the inevitable top deck wars in the aggro/mid range mirrors. The Boat and blood fast allow us to manipulate our draws so that we aren't drawing dead in these situations. The list initially had 4 duress in the 75 along with 2 mainboard lay bares but lay bare not hitting planeswalkers is huge and duress not hitting cards like glorybringer and bristles is also huge so ultimately i went down the mainboard lay bares and a 2nd glorybringer for the 3 ammits since it develops the board and puts our opponent on the back foot almost instantly. one of the lay bares and 2 doomfall took the place of 2 extra duress in the sideboard and the second blood fast that was also there. Each card selected in this list was to limit as many dead draws in a variety of situations as possible. Glad you like the list though and hopefully i didn't come off too attacking on the feedback haha

October 8, 2017 6:03 p.m.

makemefamous says... #3

Ok, so, I have been playing this list for the past few days on Cockatrice and I've got some feedback (btw I really like the deck, nice job):

  1. Why Galleon over Vance's Cannons? I get that Galleon is easier to flip and the land gives you good card draw, but it's very mana-intensive in a tap-out midrange deck. I ran into situations where I couldn't activate any land abilities because I needed the mana for spells. Plus, it gives you no immediate value and is easier for opponents to interact with (Abrade). VBC gives you a second +1 Chandra effect every turn and is an enchantment. Flipping it is not very easy, but it's very good when done. Just wondering if you have a different angle on this debate?

  2. There's seemingly no plan for a deck like UW approach. Appetite for the Unnatural is a very good card in these control match-ups because it can snipe momentum shifting Cast Outs on our Threats/walkers. I also think maybe maxing out on Duress feels necessary here and vs. UB control.

  3. The mana feels kind of clunky. I've run into multiple situations of being color screwed. It hasn't significantly impeded my games, but I wonder if we smooth out our mana-base, we can get more consistent starts.

October 18, 2017 11:43 p.m.

psychosmurf96 says... #4

makemefamous ive gotten the vance vs galleon question a lot from twitch chat and here and it honestly comes down to preference. Galleon is better in an attrition game which is my preferred style to play the deck. A more proactive player would prefer vances. I use Galleon with this mindset "if my opponent plays something I kill it, if not recur threat or draw a card" i do not like vances as it interferes with my mindset of playing a long game as much as possible and playing on my opponents turn.

As to the UW approach match up: haven't gotten to play the match up but I did consider it and decided to sacrifice parts of this match up to improve what was a hard energy one. To improve it I would go -1 trial -1 yahennis -1 bontus -1 lay bare for 2 doomfall and a2 lost legacy.

Mana base improvements I can think of would be -1 of each basic for 3 evolving wilds

October 19, 2017 12:29 a.m.

Like you I knew deadeye would be pretty good for this new meta heading into. I like the overall package it brings. Taking a different approach for a Jund brew than yours but overall I think it can do pretty good. Took the lili idea from ya after I tested your deck out and liked the addition. Take a look at my idea when you have the chance and let me know what you think..

October 19, 2017 3:31 p.m.

psychosmurf96 says... #6

ProdigyOfEsper+24 looks like if my deck went "bigger"! Carnage tyrant is a card I haven't been sold on. Where you have the dino I'm trying to beat the dino with gifted. Nissa is a card I toyed with early on but losing lands to fatal push hurt me way too much as the card is mostly dead vs us otherwise. I was glad to also see the Galleon+Arguel combo with the tracker. Liliana has my vote for biggest sleeper in standard because of how much board presence she can create in a short span The hardest match up I see you having would be the approach match up (granted as mentioned in an earlier comment its a match up i also sacrificed to pick on the earlier game decks. My biggest criticism would be to diversify your discard options for some number of duress/lay bare in the 75 as well of trimming the sideboard to multiples of your heavy hitters instead of a bunch of good one ofs just to increase your odds of drawing one of them overall like the deck and how many similarities there are with mine

October 19, 2017 4:38 p.m.

Psychosmurf96 the similarities come from a combo of what my deck started off as in the prototype phase and its adjustments now. Your deck had some of the answers I needed to bring a presence against the early game decks. I did just include a one of duress into the main board so I will see how that pans out. I like the addition of Nissa coming out the sideboard since most decks who do run push will most likely sideboard those out for something a bit more geared for the higher end costs that I have. I havent seen an approach deck as of recent, so I wasnt sure if that was a deck I should try to fight with a scheme or just adapt as the turns progress. I had two galleons but then quickly came to a stump on life being low in the Aggro match ups and needed a way to stem the bleeding. Carnage tyrant I felt a little needed as a top end game closer since My early game is more focused on board control. I wasnt too sure of what to do my sideboard. I have a bunch of one slots as to hit multiple angles but Im not too sure how and what I want as a good counter attack against some of these decks.

October 19, 2017 5:06 p.m.

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