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This is my "infinity" deck (since it has 140 cards), a blue-white deck based on:

Milling & Drawing: making your opponent discards cards from library to graveyard, while having you draw cards. The key card is Sphinx's Tutelage , possibly made faster with Painter's Servant (but not really needed), then triggered for every card you draw. At this point, you every card you draw gives your opponent a massive disadvantage, while helping you. In addition, Geth's Grimoire, Dictate of Kruphix and Font of Mythos make everybody draw a lot of cards, forcing them to fill their hand and discard cards - allowing you to draw more cards. You don't care about discarding cards, as you have 2 Elixir of Immortality. (Very) lategame, you can also use Blue Sun's Zenith on him.

Dispels: Removing your opponent's threats and making him rage ;) works very well with Baral, Chief of Compliance (which allows you to draw cards every dispel - re-triggering your Sphinx's Tutelage ). Also unfreezes your Thing in the Ice  Flip, which will return all permanents to their hands once flipped.

Every-growing creatures: Chasm Skulker grows really fast given all the cards draw you have.

Tanking: of course, this deck is very late game, and the main strategy is to survive; Nyx-Fleece Ram , Timely Reinforcements and Wall of Denial, Guardians of Meletis helps in that regard.

The fun combo for the end: Enter the Infinite + Omniscience (those are more here only because I love those cards)

Ways to win:

Mill your opponent deck (you just need to survive for that)

Kill him with a lategame Icy Blast on all his creatures + attack with one of your monsters Awoken Horror  Flip or the boosted Chasm Skulker (very easy to pull off, hard to defend against)

Make him ragequit by Counterspell'ing, Dispel'ing, Negate'ing, Nullify 'ing all epic combos

Make him ragequit by dropping a few Wall of Denial early on, and tanking through infinity

This deck is weak against :

Deck that are early-game (you need to survive, you can't mill that fast, and your creatures are lategame)

Creature-based deck, Enchantment-based deck (which you can counter, but not easily as instants)

Why this deck is fun :

It is very dependent on your adversary, every game is very different as you rely on cancelling some of his spells to disrupt him. Only the milling part can be a bit repetitive.


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