#1 Wort, Boggart Auntie deck on Tappedout! Thank you! Keep those boggarts popping!

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Goblins in red/black with an emphasis on goblin token aggro and graveyard recursion while embracing the fun black and red/black sorceries mono-red decks like this miss out on.

If I could thematically boil this deck down, it's Frogtosser Banneret, Mad Auntie, Dralnu's Crusade, Krenko, Mob Boss, Impact Tremors, Grave Pact.

Goblin Aristocrats/Aggro.

I obtained five bags of "junk" magic cards with a bunch of Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide, and Shards of Alara commons with a few uncommons (with a small smattering from elsewhere) from a White Elephant gift party, Christmas 2015. I looked through them in April '16 and decided to use what I had there. The only thing that inspired me--and resembled the beginnings of a functional deck--was the Boggarts and their synergy (plus, Wayne Reynolds does a ton of goblin art for MTG). I put the idea of "Goblin tokens, but with a black twist" to paper and set about acquiring the rest of the goblins.

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Pashalik Mons in, Nim Deathmantle out.

The Nim Deathmantle combo (Ashnod's Altar + a gobbo that brings in at least two other goblins, i.e. Siege-Gang Commander or Krenko, Mob Boss with haste, etc) + Nim Deathmantle = infinite goblin tokens and/or even mana) was very unreliable due to needing two specific artifacts. Even though I feel I run a lot of tutors I never could pull it off. The Lightning Crafter + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combo and the Thornbite Staff set-ups are a lot easier to do since goblins are easier to tutor for than artifacts in these colors. It was a goblin-based graveyard combo, which I adored, but it just didn't have the legs.

Pashalik Mons is also waaaay on-theme for Goblin Aristocrats!

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