Deadlock Trap


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Deadlock Trap


Deadlock Trap enters the battlefield tapped.

When Deadlock Trap enters battlefield, you get (two energy counters)

, Pay : Tap target creature or planeswalker. It's activated abilities can't be activated this turn.

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Deadlock Trap Discussion

multimedia on Artificer

3 weeks ago

Rilikb, welcome to Tappedout!

Because of your budget and not having access to dual lands I recommend you go with only two colors and if you must a small splash of the third with help from Aether Hub, Spire of Industry and Prophetic Prism. I wouldn't use four colors without having a lot of dual lands. You'll also going for an aggro strategy; the more colors you use the worst it will be. Not being able to play your cards when you want to. Aggro is about filling the battlefield with power in the early game using aggression, you don't want your manabase to slow you down at this stage of the game.

Consider changing your deck into two colors, blue and red possibly including a small black splash for Tezzeret's Touch keeping the artificer strategy with Inventor's Goggles, but also including improvise. I recommend blue and red because these colors give you the most amount of good artificers out of the other colors. Good artificers in these colors are:

The strategy of playing artificers with Inventor's Goggles is nice, but consider expanding on this by also including artificers with improvise. Once you get Goggles on the battlefield being able to use it not only to equip for free to artificers, but also to help improvise is good. Pia Nalaar is a good artificer for the improvise strategy because she makes an artifact. The Servos that Swooper and Chaser can make can be used to improvise. Sweatworks Brawler is a great artificer with Goggles because Goggles can help to cast him ahead of curve as well as give him 4 power with menace and 5 toughness is also nice.

I'm not going to give you a complete list that's for you to decide, but here's the starting core I would use:

This core lets you be more aggressive with Goggles and Apprentice. Goggles with Swooper or Chaser into Brawler is a nice curve. I've included Prism because it's a cheap artifact that draws a card and it can fix mana for you. Prism is also pretty good with Tezzeret's Touch if you're choosing to include it. Bastion Inventor is another good artificer with improvise although not as good as Brawler, but hexproof is powerful. You're going to want some kind of cheap main deck removal there are a lot of options, Harnessed Lightning is the best as is Incendiary Flow, it's good and even though Flow is sorcery it's better to cover a wider range of creatures to kill.

Metallic Rebuke is an improvise counterspell it gives you a mid to late game ability to counter your opponent's big creature, Planeswalker or mass removal spell. Pacification Array or Deadlock Trap are artifact options to tap down creatures and other permanents. Array is a one drop artifact which can be used to improvise if you don't need to tap down a creature or artifact.

If you're looking to include some more draw as well as improve energy production Era of Innovation is an option since it works with both artificers and artifacts both are being played.

Good luck with your deck.

Beauseph04 on TREMORS - Top 8 FNM

3 weeks ago

This deck went 2-2 on Friday night at FNM. The only thing that destroyed this deck in both of my losses was Nahiri, due to her -2 ability. I am thinking about main boarding 4x Deadlock Trap to deal with pesky Planeswalkers but that artifact comes out tapped which isn't good if they have turn 4 Nahiri.

I even beat a guy that had Liliana's emblem out on me for 2 turns.

Bano42 on Ancient Energy

1 month ago


I forgot to mention, this deck also utilizes multiple Vehicles. Janjeet Sentry can be an additional creature to Crew, and that was a big deciding factor for Janjeet over the Deadlock Trap!

Bano42 on Ancient Energy

1 month ago


I've been on and off about Deadlock Trap vs Janjeet Sentry. The Trap is an artifact like you mentioned. My reason for NOT including the Trap tho is that it comes into play tapped. Plus, Janjeet offers a bit of flexibility as well since it can untap creatures or artifacts. Can allow me to untap a Vehicle to block with, or Hedron Archive to tap it again for more mana.

In the end, I don't think that the difference between these two is game-changer. Make it a personal preference!

HarryW on Ancient Energy

1 month ago

Nice Approach, especially the sideboard option is a nice switch over.In my version I prefer Deadlock Trap over the Sentry. It goes with your Artifact Theme, does need only one energy to use and helps against Planeswalkers and abilities of Creatures.

Jsu on R/B Midrange

2 months ago

Combustible Gearhulk for sure, Deadlock Trap perhaps, but the energy counters make it a bit limiting. Maybe also Metalspinner's Puzzleknot for disposable card draw and Renegade Map for some ramp that is usually difficult to bring in BR.

loafjuggler on Dttezzeret

2 months ago

It's cool to see someone using Tezzeret the Schemer in their deck! I just playtested it against my Aristocrats deck, seemed to be a really close matchup even with me piloting your deck. Do you feel like you get enough value out of the Deadlock Trap? You don't have a ton of sources of energy out there to work with, so I'm not sure if its uptime is long enough to be worth a deck slot. The other thing that stood out to me was the lack of Censor: having to have the correct 2 mana counterspell vs a universal spell on turn two, especially on the draw, was what allowed my deck to set up a board and start saccing creatures to drain you out. I feel like either having broader counterspells, or mainboarding some hard removal so you have more straightforward, permanent interaction with the board, would give you a better shot at lasting to your late game. Fun deck, thanks for posting it!

Bano42 on

2 months ago


I have taken a look at your deck. Yours is very different from mine. A lot of your spells are white, and I'm going with a Mono-blue thing. So I won't discuss those differences in our decks.

I've realized cards like Aethertide Whale and Shipwreck Moray which you have in your deck weren't really working for me personally. High-mana, low-value outside of the actual energy they provide.

Deadlock Trap: I really really want to like this card. It would be extremely good if it didn't come into play tapped.

Dynavolt Tower: I'm just not running enough instants/sorceries to make this card worthwhile in my deck.

Furthermore, I'm a huge fan of Aethersphere Harvester, so I'm using this as my 3-drop instead. You should also consider Aether Meltdown as a fun energy card to sideboard.

Once I play this version of my deck, I'll let you know what I think. I'm waiting for a couple cards to come in the mail!

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