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Yeah gdm1989, Phyrexian Obliterator is really brutal, but a bit out of my price range for a single card. I'm looking at cutting a couple of creatures to add some more early card draw. I'm testing Foulmire Knight as it serves double duty as an early defensive creature, and late card advantage, leaving behind a relevant body that can easily trade up.

Also, if anyone has any experience with Myriad Landscape in EDH, I'd like to hear how it plays. I'm thinking it might fit well into this deck as I have plenty of "swamps matter" cards, and this can get me 2, and even ramp me on a turn where I have nothing to do. I'm not sure what I would cut for it, either another nonbasic land, or a Swamp, seen as it will end up fetching me a Swamp.

I've been looking at Hagra Mauling as well, it's a pretty expensive removal option (it's always going to be a 4CMC Murder in my meta), but also being a land is good. I'm just not sure what I'd cut for it. I don't want to reduce my land quality by replacing a Swamp, but I also don't want to reduce my spell quality by replacing something else

Another card I'm proxying to test out is Sword of Sinew and Steel as a way to remove Artifacts. The protection from Black/Red also looks useful, a lot of the removal and creatures I face are Black, so it might act as effectively a Whispersilk Cloak with big upside! I think it might work well with my high creature count too, giving +2/+2 on top of relevant Protection just seems like it's going to keep anything I strap it to alive!

September 22, 2020 7:06 a.m.

Dang, this is a really cool take on Toshiro. If I didn't like Creatures so much, i'd definitely give this kind of build a spin!

One question, I noticed on an old update you mentioned that Desecration Demon worked relatively well in the deck. I run a very Creature heavy version of Toshiro "Instant Tribal" - Toshiro Umezawa - EDH PRIMER that you commented on with some good suggestions, and i'm always looking for good cheap threats.

I've read that Desecration Demon is usually really bad in EDH (and other formats) as people can just sac creatures to keep him tapped until they find an answer for it. My thought was that it might be a positive for a Toshiro deck, as them sacrificing to him would give me Toshiro trigger, if they don't they get hit with a 6/6 Flier, and if they do use removal on it, it's only a 4cmc creature anyway...

It's a really cheap card that I might get one to try out anyway, but i'd rather learn from someone else's mistakes is possible ;)

September 17, 2020 11:40 a.m.

Thanks for the suggestions gdm1989 and carpecanum! It's cool to see other peoples Toshiro decks, even with the narrow "I need a load of Instants" theme that he tends to necessitate, there's a lot of different directions that people take him! I kinda like "jack of all trades" decks full of answers to other peoples decks!

Spreading Plague looks really really cool! I can't believe i've never seen it before. It looks like a good Anti-Creature Stax effect, and the synergy with Mimic Vat is nice! I might proxy it up and play a few games to give it a try. Creature control is already Toshiro's thing, and Spreading Plague seems like the logical conclusion in Enchantment form!

I've recently overhauled the deck a bit, adding some Zendikar Rising cards (proxies until I get them shipped... which takes about 2 months these days). I've cut a few of the expensive, "answer" cards like Scour from Existence in favor of cheaper "question" cards that my opponents need to answer. I've also swapped out a couple of cards for similar ones with a lower CMC. My low land count means that i've been getting punished for running lots of 6 and 7CMC cards.

I already get enough hate from playing my opponents cards using Gonti, Mimic Vat etc..., I think running Grinning Totem might be suicidal :)

Runechanter's Pike always seems to over perform... and it's a pet card that I just love. I do exile my own instants, but I usually can't recast them all, and often i'll have ~5 or so sitting in my graveyard until I get enough mana to play Toshiro and recast a load of them in a single turn!

Personally, I don't think i'd run cards like Sadistic Sacrament, especially as my meta doesn't have many Tutors or combos, so I might be spending mana and a card to exile cards that my opponents will never even draw. It's also a "feel bad" card. Kicking it can take someone out of a game, without actually killing them, which is kinda depressing.

September 17, 2020 11:17 a.m.




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