The challenge of this deck is to make a decent Fblthp, the Lost deck on a $25 budget, not including the commander. This deck is the best I could do given those restrictions. In the end, Fblthp simply isn't the best commander for any strategy. He is casual by nature. If winning is all you care about, this deck would be better with someone like Sai, Master Thopterist , but oh well. Chances are you aren't looking at a Fblthp decklist because your #1 priority is winning.

In order to try to cash in on Fblthp's enter-from-your-library ability, I included Mass Polymorph and Synthetic Destiny to possibly dig him out of your deck. There are several ways to make tiny tokens to exile with these cards and get better creatures as well.

In order to make Fblthp actually useful on the battlefield, I included some janky equipment that either automatically equips to whatever entered the battlefield under your control last or for zero or one mana. So you can sort of go for a Voltron win, but there are better targets to suit up, like Lodestone Myr . This also works well with the tiny tokens. At least one of them should be able to be suited up quite easily and actually be a decent creature, instead of just a chump blocker.

Anyway, if you want a Fblthp deck that can actually win games and won't break the bank, this deck can deliver.

Suggestions welcome!


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