Wormwood Treefolk is the deck's commander. Obviously, because of his abilities there is a commander damage strategy built into the deck. Several cards make sure the opponent has the right land types and the commander uses his landwalk abilities to deliver unlockable damage while a couple other cards mitigate the life loss to activate those abilities with a little life gain.

Torture and Wickerbough Elder work in tandem to deal with enchantments and artifacts, and Leathal Sting offers another route to an extra -1/-1 counter.

Shed Weakness can be used to make Canker Abomination a little more pumped if you end up bringing him out too late in the game.

Flowering Lumberknot is the intended target of all the soulbonds in the deck, but he only needs one so the others can be useful elsewhere if desired.

Shadow Slice is best used on Bog-Strider Ash in combo with the enchantments to make opponent's lands swamps.

Finally Devoted Druid combos with Presence of Gond to generate elf tokens and Ivy Lane Denizen makes sure it doesn't die while doing so. As you create infinite elf tokens Essence Warden gives you infinite life, Priest of Titania gives you infinite green Mana, and you can then use Elvish Branch Bender to make one of your Forests an infinite power and toughness Treefolk for the turn. Drop Seedling Charm on him to give him trample and drop Chorus of Might to make any of your other creatures infinite power and toughness with trample. Finally, you have Grusome Fate as an instant win once you have your infinite elf army.

This is my first pauper commander deck so any suggestions on how to improve upon it or what to put in a side board are very welcome.


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