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Shamans and Snakes, Extreme Budget Version

CURRENT DECK PRICE: $13.20 without shipping (TCGplayer prices)

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I decided to use Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro , as my commander when I started. At first I didn't know who I wanted as a commander, but when I saw Sachi's ability to turn shamans into mana dorks I decided that would work perfectly. As of right now the deck price is $13.20 prices will fluctuate with time! I will have to update the deck if any of the cards see a spike in price.

Why should you play this deck?

This deck is a very standard EDH deck, it focuses on creature beat-down above all else. Sachi let's me combine the lockdown power of snakes and the unique powers of shamans. Being able to focus solely on playing the game and not having to worry about mana makes the game a lot more fun and speeds up the clock on your opponents inevitable demise.

Given the short amount of time it takes to amass a powerful board-state this deck will give your opponents a run for their money. Spam Reach of Branches and make all the mana, or use a Centaur Omenreader and play a Gigantomancer for effectively . No matter how you play this deck you will have a good time

The best part of this deck is that even if you don't end up playing it you still won't be disappointed, cause your only out the price of some singles.

This deck is not intended to be bought online, as that adds shipping costs. Go support your LGS!

This deck was inspired by Sleazebag's Mikaeus, Extreme Sub $20 Budget EDH for an incredibly useful guide to budget deck building check out this deck.


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