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Jund is a "midrange", non-blue control deck which seeks to gain a front footing through card advantage, achieved by cheap offensive spells and high quality creatures. Key to this strategy is the idea of the "2 for 1", wherein a single one of your cards can eventually be traded with your opponent for more than one of their cards. All other things being equal, this eventually leads to an advantage which the opponent cannot overcome. Dark Confidant, Liliana of the Veil, Kolaghan's Command, Tireless Tracker and Bloodbraid Elf are the main cards which achieve this action, however even a simple and classic Lightning Bolt on a creature targeted by a Giant Growth will do in a pinch.

Another key feature of this deck is its flexibility and its willingness to "take on all comers". This is a deck that wants to be the champion and fights like it has something to prove. Cards that can handle a wide variety of decks, unique decks, and decks that may not even exist yet are crucial to the success of Jund. Assassin's Trophy is favored over Abrupt Decay because the "can't be countered" clause is useless against a non-blue deck and Jund is not a combo deck which critically needs to protect its combo from blue counterspells. The sideboard was built with a similar strategy in mind, and on a personal note I would point out that I feel Jund Charm and Rakdos Charm are extremely flexible sideboard cards usable against a wide variety of decks. Edit: These cards have been temporarily sidelined to make room for Leyline of the Void due to the prevalence of Stinkweed Imp and Bloodghast.

All comments and opinions are welcome, and as long as you can explain your position clearly know that it isn't a stupid idea. Otherwise, you might want to ask yourself why you're taking that position.


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