Jund is the premier Tier 1 fair deck of Modern, and a hero to those who don't want to play blue but still want to beat the degenerate unfair decks of the format.

However, I'm starting to realize that there's no one right way to build the deck. I see people arguing over small things like 4 manlands vs 5 manlands. It might make a microscopic difference to the individual, but not enough to warrant significant debate. Instead what seems more prudent and important to focus on is what cards speak to you best and which ones you think you can use best, the so-called "heart of the cards".

My build uses 4 Thoughtseize because Karn Liberated is typically a problem for Jund. But since the format is a giant balancing act between 1,000 different archetypes, this hurts my burn game, especially without Collective Brutality. Every card in the deck is a small concession in some way to this balancing act. Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip is chosen here over Liliana, the Last Hope because they both bring back creatures but the Heretical Healer has lifegain, which compensates for the increased number of Thoughtseize.

A quick note on Bloodbraid Elf: Yes the card is the best card in the deck and has breathed new life into Jund, but do not make the mistake many others are making of overvaluing the card. Don't be afraid to side out BBE. Against a combo deck like Devoted Druid or Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker where you want to literally hold up Lightning Bolt the entire game, tapping out for 4 is bad. I'm also finding that BBE is a bit slow and weak against creature aggro like Champion of the Parish and Arcbound Ravager. TL:DR I've been trying siding out BBE more and have not been unhappy with it.


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