Do I get more tokens with Emrakul's Evangel and Fresh Meat?

Asked by Penguno 3 years ago

Here is the Hypothetical Situation:

I have Emrakul's Evangel and 2 other token creatures on the field. An opponent casts a boardwipe like Wrath of God . I respond by using Emrakul's Evangel's effect and sacrifice him and the other 2 tokens. Now I have 3 Eldrazi tokens on the field before Wrath resolves.

After the Wrath resolves, I cast Fresh Meat to replaced my destroyed token creatures. Which outcome is correct:

  1. Fresh Meat only counts the 3 Eldrazi tokens destroyed by Wrath of God , therefore only 3 beast tokens would be produced.

  2. Fresh Meat counts all the dead creatures, including Emrakul's Evangel , the 2 earlier token creatures, and the 3 Eldrazi tokens, therefore 6 beast tokens would be produced.

Blo says... Accepted answer #1

The second option.
Fresh Meat looks at the whole turn, and will see that 3 creatures have been put into your graveyard thanks to you activating Emrakul's Evangel and also sees the 3 3/2 horror creatures that died as result of the Wrath of God.

October 16, 2017 8:02 a.m.

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