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Selvala, Explored and Returned with tokens

Commander / EDH Enchantment GW (Selesnya) Midrange Multiplayer Tokens




the selvela alter was done by Nando Altars. I paid I think it was $120 American dollars. You can find him on Facebook @ Nando Altars

Most combos and synergy in this deck use board wipes. Here are some cool combos and synergies using board wipes.

Anointed Procession, Parallel Lives, and Doubling Season all double tokens. The mention of these cards will be left out because it's just double as good when they are in play.

  • Say Cathars' Crusade and Symbiotic Wurm are in play under your control. Cast one of the board wipes like Wrath of God, and come out of it with seven 1/1's, with seven +1/+1 counters on them. Netting you a total power of 56. You can do the same thing with Hooded Hydra

  • Each opponent could have a board state of creatures out, but if you have more creatures then them, March of Souls is gonna work in your favor. You lose your stuff sure, but there's so many ways to interact with this. You can cast Fresh Meat after your creatures have been destroyed to acquire more tokens. Or of course you could have Cathars' Crusade out or have Divine Visitation out and win in this transaction of creatures.

  • After you have acquired an impressive board state, you have to protect your impressive board state. So cards like Selfless Spirit, Heroic Intervention, Requiem Angel, Fresh Meat, and Dauntless Escort all save you from losening everything. Also with Chord of Calling you can convoke out one of the 3 creatures in response to an opponents board wipe, or your own board wipe. Except for the rift, damn rift always wins, for that you'll need Teferi's Protection.

  • Ezuri's Predation is a unique board wipe, but seems like a perfect fit here. If I have Divine Visitation in play when casting this I get Serra Angel's as tokens instead that nice but 4/4 power doesn't always kill everything so that where the anthems make that card so much stronger. If I have Cathars' Crusade in play then they become massive after the spell resolves so after they fight they get the counters. or I could just have a few other ones like Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite or Beastmaster Ascension could be online or even the simpler versions to make them 5/5's are still good like Mirari's Wake, and Spear of Heliod

I chose selvala as my cmdr because of the ramp and card draw. And I purposely leave out cards like umbra mantle, sword of paruns and Aura Shards, because I don't want people to moan and groan when they see I chose to play with this deck. But I need to make her at least better. But in the most efficient and fair way possible.

These cards all make selvala stronger, but not broken, but one of these with selvala is enough to start running away with the game. Smothering Tithe definitely feels like the strongest one.

Helm of the Host is just awesome with selvela.

Ok we got mana ramp, we got card draw, we got lots of tokens, and a board state with ways to protect it. How do you win? It's simple, The finishers are...

These are all finishers. The last 2 are conditional finishers. Elspeth, Sun's Champion's ult isn't always easy to get, but the board wipes help you get there. Finale of Devastation is a great finisher. Often getting something that wins the game is x is 10 or more its game.

-Logician: Selvala, Explorer Returned

r2mc: Selvala, Explorer Returned

Check out this video from mtg muddstah. First time for selvala on camera and she won. If you like the deck give an up vote. Of you have a suggestion please comment below. If you like the video like comment and subscribe to mtg muddstah where he makes 2 to 3 videos weekly.

My ultimate goal would be to have a game where I end up with all 3 token doublers in play with helm of the host equip to selvala


Updates Add

OUT: Spear of Heliod got cut because it immediate impact was to small. The +1/+1 buff never really made much of a difference. Secondly the "do not attack me" part of the card where it says. 1 white white tap destroy target creature that delt damage to you this turn was way to weak and I hardly ever had to use it.

IN: Spontaneous Generation. You know just thinking about how strong this card can be was enough for my to add it to the deck . After game testing I am very pleased with the addition of Spontaneous Generation and it's interactions with other cards like Cathars' Crusade (witch in game play, I played both cards in one turn. For exactly 9 mana. Was able to make seven 7/7's)

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