This is my version of Gifts Storm.There are few card choices and points that i could talk about.

These are both played on place of Peer Through Depths as they do basically same thing, but look few less cards and can take anything not just instant/sorceries. I will test these.

I have seen some play Peek over Remand, i don't really like it as Remand can get back your own storm cards when you cast them and continue storming or protect us from hand disruption and cost reduction creatures from removal. But Peek gives you very valuable information, but it still isn't Gitaxian Probe even tough it is very close to it. I will try this one.

Some people plays, some doesn't, it depends on player. It usually plays role of 5th Gifts Ungiven which is very important card for Storm decks, but also finds Remand.

  • 7 or 8 creatures... there's a very good question... I'll think that 7 is enough but after playtesting i know more. (And 7 seems to be enough)

  • Noxious Revival

Sees someplay in Storm decks but i just don't think that it is necessary, could still try tough. (Currently in testing)

Seems someplay in sideboards, buys you time against cheap threats what ever it is, Death's Shadow, Elves, Zoo or something like that and it even draws card which is just amazing, I could make room for this in sideboard.

Feel free to leave your own opinions about my choices on comments, all suggestions are very welcome!

There are some options for Storm decks sideboard so i could talk about these a little.

Mostly for Affinity as it is most popular deck in modern right now and it can kill us before storming which seriously is not good. Works finely against other artifact based decks too, like Krark-Clan Ironworks combo, Tezzerator or Thopter Foundry decks. And very importantly destroys Chalice of the Void which can shutdown our whole deck.

Good to buy time as it can return multiple permanents to owners hand. Works nicely against DS decks to slow down delve threats or early Death's Shadows. Also gets different kind of Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combos as it can return all copies to hand, which is rarely viable as Storm wants to win usually on turn 3 or 4. And can bounce Chalice of the Voids or Leyline of Sanctitys and so on.

It is good to have another wincon in 75 as cards like Extirpate or Surgical Extraction can search out all Grapeshots.

To slow down aggro decks and helps out to finish DS decks as they do a lot of damage to themselfs, which opens us window to do just small storm with Grapeshot including Lightning Bolt and suddenly they are just dead.

Good when we expect game to go long like against control when we most likely can't just storm off on turn 3 or 4. Finds everything we need to storm except for cost reduce creatures, also has good synergy with Past in Flames as it can dumb it to the yard and we cast it from there and then we got 3 cards out of Pieces of the Puzzle which is pretty good value in my opinion.

Helps us to resolve spells against control and protects from hand disruption. We don't really care about giving opponent 2/2 flyer anyway.

I don't even want to play fetches in this deck, they mess our scry's and we don't need them in 2 colored deck anyway. If i would want to splash white for Path to Exile and Wear / Tear fetches would be must.

I'm not really looking for suggestions, i think this deck can't get better really, but if you think i missed something let me know!

And sorry for my bad english, please don't mind about million grammar mistakes in description i will correct them as i found them :D.

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Updates Add

So i played local Modern GP with this list 30.9 and results looks like this

Bant Spirits 2-0

E-Tron 1-2

Mardu Mid-Range 1-2

Elves 2-0

Bant Knightfall 2-1

BG Mid-Range 1-2

Grixis Shadow 1-2

Total result is 3-4, i'm happy to it.

What we learned

I want main deck Empty the Warrens, there was that many situations that would be good to Gifts Ungiven for 2 Storm cards in first game. And of course just the experience was awesome after all. I got to play against one of the Finlands best player which was amazing (GDS player).

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