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Nature Doesn't Walk




Just your average aggro nature outgrows and kills you with trample. It's very much for mana expansion and getting cards in the graveyard, first for Undergrowth Scavenger , and now For delirium. So you've got a few cards for mana, like Golden Hind , Shaman of Forgotten Ways, and Market Festival . Next is bringing creatures out with Rampaging Baloths and See the Unwritten. After your field is littered with so many creatures that you don't completely know what to do with, you power them up with cards like Incremental Growth , Beastmaster Ascension, Sandsteppe Mastodon , Archetype of Endurance , and Paragon of Eternal Wilds . Then, when your creatures can't get any stronger, give them trample with Humbler of Mortals , Crowned Ceratok , and Paragon of Eternal Wilds . Finally, when you know you have won, make it just a little better with late-game cards Shaman of Forgotten Ways and Feed the Clan.

Well, now you have a game plan, but you need help setting it up. If you are ordinary, you can go for Eidolon of Blossoms, or Garruk's Packleader to just draw, or you are more daring, you can go for cards like See the Unwritten, Vessel of Nascency, or Kruphix's Insight to also put cards in your graveyard to power up Undergrowth Scavenger or Moldgraf Scavenger . Now you have the cards in your hand or on the battlefield, your next problem is a big one: Flying. This deck is packed with Deadly Recluse, Plummet , Netcaster Spider , and Silklash Spider to keep those pesky Dragons, Birds, Spirits, and whatever else my be in the air away from you plans.

Update: took out some cards that weren't as useful and replaced them with lands



Deruvid says... #1

For a mana curve that goes up to 8, you'll need at least 22-24 total lands even with the extra mana producers you already have. While you do have a game plan in mind, it severely lacks consistency because you've only one copy of most cards. You'll find it difficult to find all the parts you need at the proper times because your cards are all spread out. I'd suggest finding which cards work the best to follow your gameplan, and then up the numbers 4 copies of most of those. To make room, cut out the singletons that are only useful in certain situations and move those to a sideboard.

April 17, 2016 9:04 p.m.

AwesomeKyurem5 says... #2

I see what you mean. even after playing with this deck awhile, I definitely have noticed that if I don't have a starting hand of 3 lands, this deck doesn't really go anywhere, so I'll definitely have to put more lands in it. I'd also notice cards like Satyr Wayfinder just use their ability then stop being useful. As for the number of each card, I have tried decks like that and they don't give me the range to work that I like. Having 1 or 2 copies of everything does make it harder to get the card I need, yes, but my personal preference is to have more cards with varying abilities so that I can handle more kinds of decks and be better all around. Either way, thanks for the help, I greatly appreciate it.

April 18, 2016 12:27 a.m.

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-1 Moldgraf Scavenger main
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-1 Netcaster Spider main
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