Netcaster Spider

Netcaster Spider

Creature — Spider

Reach (This creature can block creatures with flying.)

Whenever Netcaster Spider blocks a creature with flying, Netcaster Spider gets +2/+0 until end of turn.

Netcaster Spider Discussion

MasterTaco on

1 year ago

So with the theme of being aggro/removal, and keeping the deck at a budget I'll try and list some budget alternatives that can be upgrades, off the cards I can think of off the top of my head. I'm also noticing a trend with +1/+1 counters so I'll consider those as well


Arbor Colossus: He's basically an 11 cost 9/9 that removes one single flying creature

Druid of the Cowl: Two drop mana dork that can be replaced by Llanowar Elves or Elvish Mystic. Though Druid of the Cowl has more toughness, playing one of the others turn 1 helps accelerate you better.

Experiment One: Cool one drop that gives himself counters and can regenerate, but the downside is that your deck does run a lot of creatures with similar low power/toughness creatures making this hard to get passed more than 3 counters without the aid of using resources on him.

Greenwarden of Murasa: I would keep him if you can't get your hands on a Eternal Witness because 3 > 6 mana wise.

Kabira Vindicator: Level up is a cool mechanic, but having to spend 4 mana to cast him and then another 6 mana to give your creatures +1/+1 is pretty bad. Glorious Anthem would already give them +1/+1 OR you can always get Gideon, Ally of Zendikar use his -4 ability immediately and have the emblem to have an almost permanent buff to your creatures.

Knight of Cliffhaven: Same reason as Kabira, 5 mana to have a flying 2/3 is pretty meh. and 14 mana total to have a flying, vigilant 4/4 is the worst.

Sunscorch Regent may not have vigilance, but he does have flying, and gets stronger the more spells that cast as well as gaining you life.

Master of Pearls: Has to be morphed and flipped to have any real usage. Overwhelming Stampede gives your creatures trample on top of whoever has the highest power on your board.

Nekrataal: 4 drop creature version of the 2 drop Terror. Avatar of Woe may not have the etb, but she can become a 2 drop pretty easy and can destroy a creature for you each turn.

Netcaster Spider: Would just replace this with

Longshot Squad, would synergize more with the deck and grants your other creatures +1/+1


Salt Road Patrol: For aggro, this card is too slow and only boost itself.

Sporemound: You don't have any mana accelerators or extra land drop enablers

Scapeshift: This spells rocks if you Golgari Rot Farm, Selesnya Sanctuary, Orzhov Basilica

Oath of Ajani: Would replace with Abzan Ascendancy, one extra mana for the same first ability, but the second ability will have more usage since you don't run any planeswalkers in the deck which makes the oath just a dead card on the field.

Zendikar's Roil: As mentioned with Sporemound, an alternative with a better landfall effect is Rampaging Baloths

Consume the Meek: This kills your commander and most of your creatures

Cards I would consider adding:

Pir, Imaginative Rascal & Hardened Scales work almost the same way your Winding Constrictor work

Cathars' Crusade: Considered a staple in most creature decks that use +1/+1 counter things

Ivorytusk Fortress: The budget version of Seedborn Muse and synergy with counters

Forgotten Ancient: Allows itself to gain more counters on it while the game continues and can move them to other creatures

Retribution of the Ancients: Great kill enchantment that revolves around +1/+1 counters

Oran-Rief, the Vastwood: Just an all around decent land that gives counters to all your creatures that entered on the same turn.

2Face567 on Standard

2 years ago

Netcaster Spider and Pulse of Murasa are no longer in standard :\ might I suggest more "Wayward Swordteeth", Mouth / Feed, Prowling Serpopard, or perhaps Synchronized Strike to act as makeshift vigilance?

xyr0s on My First Deck

2 years ago

The basics

  • 60 cards mainboard. You play the best 60 cards for the strategy you have chosen, anything more means that you are bringing less than the best cards, and you are less likely to draw your very best cards. Reduce deck size to 60, it is always better.

  • Variance is not-so-great. If you bring a lot of 1- or 2-ofs, you have a hard time relying on drawing the same cards often, and thereby also winning through the better synergies of cards. Pick what you consider your best cards, and make sure you play 4 of them.

  • modern has certain stables, and you have to build your deck with respect for that. Lightning Bolt is a very real thing. So is Path to Exile and Fatal Push. On the other hand, counterspells isn't a common problem. Discard spells like Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are to be expected. Fetchlands are common, and enables 3-colored decks. Considering this: you can more or less form an idea of what you are going to run into.

  • Fast modern decks have you dead by turn 4. You need to have a plan for how to avoid this. You also need to plan for combo decks, that win out of the blue also in turn 4. And for decks that makes games go long, and win by 2-for-1'ing you over and over.

sorry about this, but there are very few cards in your deck that would be worth anything in any actual modern meta. Why bother with Cast into Darkness, when you could have Doom Blade (for budget), Fatal Push or Abrupt Decay? Why so many Netcaster Spider - is that the creature you want to draw in every game?

Perhaps there is a deck, that could be built around landfall, and include Scute Mob and Vinelasher Kudzu. If you hope to make anything like that, you need ramp (to play more than none land each turn) and multiple copies of the cards you want to play with this concept.

You have quite a few creatures that cost 4 or more mana. 4 is a turning point in modern - cards that cost 4 should be able to turn the game around on the spot (like Supreme Verdict or Cryptic Command). How many of your 4+ cmc cards can you say that about?

mr_funk on Green/White

3 years ago

okay i'm not totally sure what you're going for here. it looks like partially a human tribal deck. if you're trying to play this in modern i would do the following:

take out:

-Grazing Gladehart - isnt a human (fun casual card though. may have potential in the right modern build. not this one)

-Netcaster Spider - nope

-like all of your auras. none of your creatures have hexproof so playing one of these just allows the opportunity to get 2-for-1'd in modern. removal is cheap and instant speed, so the likelihood of resolving even 1 of these before turn 6 is pretty unlikely.

Cultist's Staff - this is not a good card. strictly worse than Vulshok Morningstar and even that card is not worth playing unless you are doing an equipment build. even still, its probably just outclassed by other stuff.

Strength of Arms - youre not using an equipment based build, so this will fall flat as a nearly strictly worse Giant Growth.

Naturalize - its a great card, but should be in the sideboard

Sunlance - ive seen worse, but you should consider Path to Exile as a better option.

Time to Feed - probably better options for removal. i think Prey Upon would be better. the mana cost in a deck where you only have 20 lands makes it difficult to play this and progress your board in the same turn.

put in:

some options here for you include (but not limited to): Champion of the Parish, Thalia's Lieutenant, Mayor of Avabruck  Flip, Path to Exile, Doomed Traveler, Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Tireless Tracker, Eternal Witness

you definitely need more creatures, just flat out. you're not going to be able to voltron up a non-hexproof creature in modern.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on

3 years ago

Netcaster Spider has a fairly low cmc and is excellent at blocking fliers (although that's kind of Spider tribal's whole schtick).

Giant Spider is a classic card and probably deserves a spot somewhere.

Golgari Signet would top off as your fifth artifact and does a pretty good job of ramping you.

Grisly Salvage is a great, cheap way to achieve delirium for your commander.

BioProfDude on My First Deck

3 years ago

In my opinion, the best way to approach building a deck is to pick the top 2 or 3 cards that you really like and that you think will work well together, then try to build a deck around making those cards function. Avacynian Missionaries  Flip is a fine card to start with. Naturally, you will need equipments for it to function. Thus, I would suggest 4x of Avacynian Missionaries  Flip and probably 4x of at least a couple of equipments (e.g., Bone Saw as you have, or maybe Slayer's Plate or Neglected Heirloom  Flip). Then look for creatures that you think you nicely compliment Avacynian Missionaries  Flip, like maybe Thraben Inspector (a low CMC card to get creatures out earlier) or Unruly Mob or Town Gossipmonger  Flip or Pious Evangel  Flip (all of these suggestions are inexpensive commons and uncommons).

Adding in some diversity of attack modes might also be nice, like Bygone Bishop that can fly, or Netcaster Spider that has reach. The idea is to diversify your offense and defense a bit. You'll want probably 18 to 24 creatures, normally settling in around 22 or so. With your equipment desire, maybe 20 creatures would be fine as well.

23 or 24 land is best to ensure that you don't get "mana screwed" by not having any land. It is possible, then, to get "mana flodded" but this happens less frequently in a well shuffled deck. With land and creatures, that gets you to 44 to 48 cards (probably 44 for you, I think). That leaves 12 to 16 cards left to get to 60 cards. 8 or so of those are already filled with equipment. So, 4 to 8 cards.

I strongly suggest "removal" cards. These would be instants or sorceries, leaning toward instants. Gideon's Reproach and Immolating Glare fit nicely into your deck, as does Clip Wings in your sideboard (maybe mainboard-- but you don't necessarily know in advance whether an opponent has flying creatures, so I say sideboard until after the first game). The goal is to make your opponent sacrifice creatures, hence "removal." I would mix in enchantments here, but you've already got a lot of equipments, so stick with removal for now.

My biggest criticism of your deck "as is" would be the lack of focus, but that seems to be a result of not having a lot of any one card. Multiples of the same card give you some "bread and butter" cards to rely on to make your plan work. When you have such a huge diversity, particularly of creatures that have relatively high CMC, then it gets problematic to get them out efficiently. I try to stick with about 4 to 6 different creatures total (22 to 24 cards), and removals/enchantments for the remainder. This seems to work pretty well for creature-oriented decks like those I like to build.

You do have some nice fliers in there in the angels, but they're expensive cards (CMC), so you won't get many opportunities to play them. You need some lower CMC creatures to keep you in the game until you do get a chance to get the mana needed to cast any of those. Out of 20 creatures, probably want 14 to 16 to be CMC of 2 or 3, maybe 2 or 3 CMC of 4, and then the small remainder to be your high CMC creature cards.

This should give you a starting point. Keep asking questions and I'll be happy to answer them. Sorry to be slow to respond!

clayperce on team haste go

3 years ago

I was a little concerned about your manabase too, so I goldfished 6 games through Turn 5. Here are some notes:

  • Only had to mulligan once = yay
  • Average untapped lands on Turn 5 was 4.1 ... because you don't have any 5 drops, that should be fine.
  • Average number of plays through Turn 5 was 4.7 ... which seems fine too.
  • On 3 of the 6 games, I wanted more Red earlier ... in those games I failed to get Village Messenger  Flip out on Turn 1 and/or Scab-Clan Berserker out on Turn 3.

As HairyManBack points out, it's really hard to get the manabase right for a deck that wants ...

  • 4x on Turn 1
  • 7x , 4x , and 1x on Turn 2
  • 4x , 3x , and 6x on Turn 3.

If there's a lot of Aggro in your meta, you might want to skew your Lands more towards Red-White and balance your and two-drops a little more. If your meta is more Control, I'm thinking you'll be fine.

To get more value out of your Collected Company, you may want to swap some of your two-drops for three-drops. There's a healthy range here though (e.g., you have 9x three-drops, 4C Company runs 12x, and Bant Company runs 7x), so please note I'm just recommending you look at this if you haven't already ... I'm not recommending you change it.

One other awesome thing about Lightning Berserker: When cast for the Dash cost, it's immune to sorcery-speed removal. If that's as big an issue in your meta as in mine, you might lean even heavier on the Red sources.

Some thoughts on Creatures ...

One final thought: True-Faith Censer might be fun in the sideboard. After experiencing Always Watching , I imagine your opponent will side in every piece of EnchantmentHate he or she has. If you are simultaneously swapping in some Censers, you might be able to blank a few of their cards.

Good luck (and good skill!) with the build, and as always, draw well!

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