Went 1-3 with Grixis Control last Friday, needless to say was not too happy with the deck so its back to the drawing board. This is my deck after a few edits. I found that, sadly, Young Pyromancer did not cut it (it seems he is more of a tempo card and less of a control card) and Vampire Nighthawk is in to take his place. I added Opportunity and Divination and dropped Think Twice to test with post cycle card draw and to increase the overall draw power of the deck.

So far I am really enjoying Master of Cruelties and am trying to fit 3 in the deck but am unable to find cards to cut. I also am wondering if 26 land would be better than the 25 that I am currently running. Also I unsatisfied with my side board and found that I had a bad match up against Jund and would like main deck answers or side board answers to Jund. Im thinking Doom Blade for Scavenging Ooze but I dont know.

Basically I would love your advice or input on the deck. I feel that I got a good outline but am missing something that will push the deck to a 3-1 or even a 4-0 deck. Thanks for looking.



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