Win Conditions:

AEtherling : An unblockable very hard to remove creature. "The one man win con"

Jace, Memory Adept : Card advantage engine when I need it or a 4 turn clock all in one handy card.

The Spells:

Mizzium Mortars : Removal with the added bonus of a one sided board wipe when needed.

Pillar of Flame : Solid removal. Good main deck answer to Voice of Resurgence or Scavenging Ooze .

Rakdos's Return : Cause I hate when you have cards. Oh and I don't really like your life all that much either.

Far / Away : Pretty much solves any creature problems I may run into. Can tempo aggro decks by bouncing their dudes and can deal with those pesky hexproof guys. I love this card.

Izzet Charm : Does everything I need it to. Acts as a counter, removal and card draw.

Psychic Strike : Good little counter. I find that 1bu mana cost is a lot nicer on the mana base then something like Dissipate with 1uu. And the added mill is cool.

Syncopate : Just another nice counter. Really good early game.

Think Twice : Cause card draw is important.

Turn / Burn : Cause Thragtusk is a thing. This card hits pretty much anything that I need it to and makes sure it cant come back.


Master of Cruelties : I'm testing this guy out. He is a monster and just wrecks other creatures as well as life totals. Nice synergy with Ral Zarek , Pillar of Flame and Turn / Burn

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius : Let's draw some cards and beat face with a 5/5 flyer. Seems pretty good.

Young Pyromancer : Turns all my spells into BLOCKERS! So good.


Ral Zarek : Really his -2 makes this card. A repeating free removal every turn is pretty nice.

Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think! I am always looking for suggestions and improvements.

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2 missing from calculation

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