Generate servos. Gain life from Anointer Priest. Swing big with Oketra or use Yahenni to sac servos and trigger Marionette Master. Fumigate is a great sweeper once Yahenni is onboard. Sac a servo to give the legendary vampire indestructible and watch the counters--and your life--pile up as your opponent's creatures go to the graveyard. Then get in for some big swings.


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I was looking forward to a better test of my deck today. A couple of the more competitive regulars were back after visiting another venue last night for FNM.

Round 1 v Zombies: I've played against this list several times, but this time the deck was piloted by the son instead of the father. First game, he used his Cryptbreaker to make zombies instead of drawing. I was able to build my board and get my life total to 47. He was getting bored (and said so; he's 7), so I asked if he wanted to concede and go to game 2. We were also running short on time. Game 2 saw him get out a quick lord and Liliana's Mastery. We still went to turns, but he killed me in the end. Round result: 1-1 Tie

Round 2 v B/G Delirium: The regular pilot of the last round's zombie deck was playing Delirium today. He also came out of Round 1 with a tie thanks to player stalling and the grindy nature of his deck. He took a mulligan to 5 to start Game 1. I again earned a concession as I whittled his life down and grew mine to over 30. Game 2 saw me take a mulligan to 4 and never see more than 2 lands the entire game. We went to turns and he killed me. Round result: 1-1 Tie

Round 3 v Blue Jank: I took both games thanks to double Zulaport Cutthroat. Round result: 2-0 Win

Final Result: 1-0-2 for 4th Place

I got a random Showdown pack with nothing of value. My son got a pack (he took 3rd) after winning the vote for Best Sportsmanship, and pulled an Always Watching and a Linvala, the Preserver. I'm really happy with the deck's consistency and resiliency.

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