This list is my baby, I've put allot of thought and testing into it, It's also my first modern deck so I'm fairly attached to it. It's a blast to play and if your looking for a budget deck to get into modern with I would highly recommend it.

The difference between this list and classic delver is the change in the creatures. The creatures that we play have very strong synergies with the classic strategy of delver. Every spell we cast can later be used to gain additional card advantage, for instance we can hit Cryptic Serpent on turn 3. With that synergie it allows us to play the control game fairly well and then explode and change to gears to be very aggressive to close out the game (this is normally the second we flip Thing in the Ice  Flip, we then want to hit Bedlam Reveler to reload and swing to close the game)

A list running both Young Pyromancer and Thing in the Ice  Flip got top 8 in Pro tour rivals so I've decided to put young peezy back in the main for testing, we'll see how good it is in this variant. I pulled nimble onstructionist (the weakest link in our creatures), 1x Vapor Snag and 1x Delver of Secrets  Flip. I feel like these where the best to pull to make room for young peezy.

The "maybeboard" are cards that I plan on buying as I find them or as funds come available. Some things will basically be forever out of my budget (Snapcaster Mage, Scalding Tarn) but I want to eventually upgrade everything else as I can,top 8 at Pro Tour Rivals so I'm starting to rethink that. I would love some more input with this list, but we did cover allot of different ideas in the archived commits.

Any advice, thoughts, likes would be greatly appreciated!!!

Delver of Secrets  Flip The core of this deck, swinging for 3 flying on turn 2 in just great.

Young pyromancee shes just a classic and provides an amazing amount of value

Thing in the Ice  Flip The reason we play this over normal delver. He comes out as a good blocker, and because of how much control we play, we can really flip him whenever we want. Just having him on the board really affects how our opponent plays and when he flips allot of the time that's game. The only downside is that he's a terrible top deck towards the end of the game.

Bedlam Reveler I like him as a 2 of, we normally want him later in the game so we can cast him for 2, he's great to refuel and hes a decent body

Cryptic Serpent is a great beater and we can normally cast him for 2 mana turn 4/5 so he's on curve but without any other affects I like him as a 2 of

Deprive is not the most popular card BUT its not often that we need more than 4 mana and bouncing a tapped one on our opponents turn is worth the hard counter.

Echoing Truth: Is a really useful bounce spells and works great against token decks

Logic Knot: ha gained some popularity recently, and it's not a bad card. It does hurt our Bedlam Reveler and Cryptic Serpent but we should be fine with Thought Scour

Remand: isn't the best but it does cantrip for us

Lightning Bolt: the only removal we really have access to

Mana Leak: just a great early play

Stubborn Denial: not as good as Spell Snare on turn 2, but late in the game it's great b/c all but 2 of our creatures will trigger ferocious

Vapor Snag: temporary removal in hopes we can counter it the next time

Noxious Revival: is extremely unorthodox but i love the additional way to set up delver/flip thing and its ability to use our grave yard as a tool

Opt: is definitely the best cantrip we have, the instant speed is so valuable

Serum Visions: is great but not as good at sorcery speed

Thought Scour: is great at instant speed and sets up an early bedlum reveler/Cryptic Serpent



 3x Ceremonious Rejection 1x Crumble to Dust 2x Flashfreeze


 2x Remand 2x Stubborn Denial 2x Deprive



  2x Abrade  1x Anger of the Gods  2x Ceremonious Rejection  2x Vandalblast


  1x Echoing Truth  1x Logic Knot  2x Remand  1x Deprive  2x Stubborn Denial

I haven't tested it out extensively against other lists but the side board is pretty versatile

Abrade: great utility if we need additional burn

Anger of the Gods: great against small creature aggro

Ceremonious Rejection: for tron, eldrazi, and affinity

Crumble to Dust: specifically for tron

Flashfreeze: I imagine we'll be seeing more jund around with the unbanning of Bloodbraid Elf........

Roast: additional removal if needed

Vandalblast: for affinity

So first a disclaimer, This is my frist attempt at writing a primer so bare with me. Also this list is constantly changing and evolving and thus so will the strategy. Hopefully this will shed some light on my odd choices.

I've always loved delver lists and the idea behind the list, I love winning grindy games by gaining over whelming card advantage.

The original list wad very cookie cutter delver with 4x Delver of Secrets  Flip, 4x Young Pyromancer, 4 Monastery Swiftspear 11 cantrips and some burn and slight control. It was very much a tempo deck but i always wanted to play a more controlling list.

Then I found Thing in the Ice  Flip. That addition sparked the transformation of what it looks like now. I dropped Young Pyromancer and Monastery Swiftspear and pretty much every other aggressive card in favor of more reactive efficient options. The result is an extremely reactive deck most similier to U delverthing (if you've never heard of it google it, its ana amazing deck) and a recent thing deck that made it two the top 8 at a gp.

My general goal is to control the game, and play an extremely efficient game.

When to Mulligen: Generally we want at least 2 land, a threat, and a nice mix of draw and counter. It's fine to keep 1 land (but it is risky) if you have Serum Visions and other cantrips. We can also keep hands with no threats if it has sufficient cantrips. We generally mulligan if we have more than 3 lands, we only need 4 lands for the deck to function. Unfortunately this deck does not mulligan well, so we have to be very stratigic about our mulligans.

Turn 1: we want to play a Delver of Secrets  Flip, Serum Visions to set up our next play or even hold a Stubborn Denial

Turn 2: hopefully flip delver if not we then want to hit Thing in the Ice  Flip or Young Pyromancer

Turn 3: if we have delver then we protect it and pressure our opponent, if it's thing then we switch gears to control. We don't need to rush to flip thing, flipping on an empty board is awful but it's much better if we can bounce a fee creatures.

Turn 4 and on: after this you need to make very intelligent plays based off the current line of play

I'll add more to the primer as I gain time and get more experience with the build, but if you have any questions just ask!

Me and my friends have started a modern league, the rules are that the decks must be modern legal and under $100We play every week, and we want our games to be competitive but also interesting and diverse

The current decks in the league are:

Valued Momentum

"Severely Indebted Middle Income Country"

Cruel midrange

5 Color Wombo Combo

I'll add more decks as my other friends get me there lists.

Any input on any of the decks will be appreciated!


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