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My brother is looking into buying a fun modern deck, so i figured U tron would be fun. He also likes Eldrazi tribal, so i figured why not combine the 2? I could use any advice you can give me, as i am not familiar with the archetype, I am more of a tempo player.

My basic plan is to use Expedition Map to Complete Tron, as well as to pull Academy Ruins to bring back the map.

Once we have Tron our win cons are Mindslaver + Academy Ruins, Ulamog's Crusher and Inkwell Leviathan. All of which can be searched for with Treasure Mage. I want to run a few of each so i can use the deck as a tool box to pull our best option

I chose to run a pretty basic control/stall package to buy us time.

If the opponent gets to far ahead of us we can use Platinum Angel to buy us time

Dimensional Infiltrator is hilarious as a blocker

Endless One is pretty useful at any point of the game

I know that there are better creatures to choose but We are on a really tight budget, so other than the main peices we really don't want any card over a dollar.

Thanks for any Input!!

Me and my friends have started a modern league, the rules are that the decks must be modern legal and under $100We play every week, and we want our games to be competitive but also interesting and diverse

The current decks in the league are:

Delving for umm someTHING

Budget U EldazaTron

Cruel midrange

Balancing a Suspended Cascade: Budget

I'll add more decks as my other friends get me there lists.

Any input on any of the decks will be appreciated!


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