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"Severely Indebted Middle Income Country"

Modern Competitive G/U (Simic) Tron



"Severely Indebted Middle Income Country" or "Simic"

Yes the name is totally irrelevant, I just couldn't think of a unique name and turns out "Simic" is an acronym

So I got into modern a few months ago and my brother wanted to get into it as well. He loves degenerate decks that do unfair things and countering stuff so we first built U tron. We had some fun with it but as he got more competitive he wanted more speed and consistency without sacrificing the over all themes and Mindslaver combo. This is what we ended up with.

We added green for Ancient Stirrings, that card alone brought the deck to another level. With green we also gained access to some different threats and versatility.

So far we've been very impressed with how the deck functions but any additional input would be greatly appreciated!


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