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My own take on tokens deck.Slay hand with discards, slay board kill spells , generate an army of tokens.

THIS IS NOT AN AGGRO DECK. This deck is grindy and does not mean to launch lightning bolts to face.

An ideal hand consists of 2 lands 2 discard spells and 2 token generators(such as Young Pyromancer or Lingering Souls) and 1 miscellaneous


An ideal start would be t1 suspending gargadon or a discard spell(maybe removal spell on your opponents turn) following up with a removal or ideally playing a token generator if the coast is clear


An ideal turn can be waiting patiently to cast Raise the Alarm while holding on instant speed removal and/or holding Intangible Virtue . React accordingly. Don't rush things.

Greater Gargadon is an inclusion against board wipes and spot removal. It also synergises with Fatal Push. Don't forget suspended creatures come out with haste.

Finishing a game

If all went well you can finish the game with Greater Gargadon , Westvale Abbey   or one of the planeswalkers. I included Sorin, Solemn Visitor. Sorin, Lord of Innistrad is also a good choice for this deck. you can add Hero of Bladehold if you want but I want my finishers do something when they enter the field so Hero is not my choice

Adjust your sideboard according to your meta. Here is what I found out while playing this deck.

Against fast combo decks take mentors and gargadons out. side in appopriate hate.

Against discard decks get your Leylines and take out useless cards. Mulligan until you found a leyline or a good hand.

Against aggro decks get your Leylines + appopriate hate and take out Bitterblossom, Thoughtseize (debatable) and Greater Gargadon

Additional notes.

This deck is weak to Blood Moon so use your fetchlands accordingly if you seen it.


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