I like to think that this is a flexible deck with the tools to take on all sorts of different decks with at least moderate success. There is a lot of self-damage but so far this has only hurt me against Burn... And I almost never see Burn. I will continue to adjust as I see fit during the early stages of this deck.

--The Creatures--

Baral, Chief of Compliance: 3 toughness for 2 mana, reduces the casting cost for several of my important spells, and draws me cards.

Wall of Omens : Repeatable card draw (in this deck anyway) stapled to an 0/4 body for 2 mana. One of the cornerstones of the deck.

Geist of Saint Traft : A Hexproof 3-mana beater that brings his buddy along every time he attacks... A buddy that just so happens to be a 4/4 flyer. Yeah. Sign me up.

Reflector Mage: I tried Snapcaster Mage, but rarely did I have the cards I needed in the graveyard it seemed. Reflector Mage fits better into this deck in my experience, providing tempo over answers.

Sublime Archangel: Everybody seems confused this choice. It's a 4/3 Flyer for 4 mana, which isn't terrible, but it's the last text line that matters: "Other creatures you control have Exalted." This allows me to push 1 creature forward which leaves me with more blockers; it also allows my Wall of Omens to contribute offensively.

Restoration Angel: A 3/4 flyer for 4. Flash means it can be a surprise blocker with a relevant (un-boltable) body, it's blink effect can untap another creature for yet another surprise blocker or net me another ETB effect from the likes of Wall of Omens or Reflector Mage. The most dangerous card in the deck.

--The Spells--

Dispel: Stops most targeted removal, hits combo pieces like CoCo, and stops players from playing instant speed spells during my end step.

Fatal Push: Probably the best kill spell printed in awhile, falls perfectly into my curve. Hits Guides, Goyfs, Landfolk, and Death's Shadow by default; kills a lot more with Revolt turned on. Great tempo card that gets weaker as the game goes on, can be pitched to Baral in late game if needed.

Path to Exile: The best removal spell in Modern. Point and shoot for 1-mana, gets stronger as the game drags on.

Logic Knot : Hits everything, gets stronger the further we get into the game.

Momentary Blink: Lots of versatility; can pull blockers out of unfavourable blocks, "untap" creatures for surprise blockers, generate more ETB effects, or save my creatures from removal. Also has Flashback so it gets the nod over Cloudshift.

Remand: My favourite counterspell in all of Magic. It's not a hard counter, but it's a lovely tempo card. Replaces itself in hand and either forces my opponent to tap twice as much mana to cast the spell or wait another turn entirely.

Anguished Unmaking: Deals with nearly everything at Instant speed for 3 mana. The 3 self-damage keeps it under a full playset.

Serum Visions: The top Blue draw card in Modern. Draw a card, filter draws.

Thoughtseize: Relevant at all points of the game, especially with Remand putting cards back in player's hands. Can be pitched to discard later down the road, or to Baral. I've decided that the loss of life is worth it in this deck, Inquisition of Kozilek seemed to miss far too often for my liking.

Sphinx's Revelation : Gain life, draw cards. Doesn't technically win the game, but it may as well.

--The Planeswalkers--

Narset Transcendent: Starts at 6 loyalty, provides card advantage by drawing cards or giving spells Rebound, ult usually ends the game on the spot.

Venser, the Sojourner: Provides another blink outlet, creature evasion, and an absolutely devastating ult should the opportunity arise.


Ceremonious Rejection: Valuable card to battle Tron, Affinity, and the Eldrazi menace.

Blessed Alliance: A card with tons of versatility; it brings combat tricks, life gain, and removal to the table. It is particularly effective against Infect.

Meddling Mage : Gets tossed in to stop threats for which the deck has no answer. Especially effective against Tron... Because nobody wants a T3 Karn, and I certainly don't want to see an Emrakul. Can be boarded in to deal with all sorts of other troublesome cards.

Stony Silence: For Affinity and Lantern.

Drown in Sorrow: For decks that are able to pump out small creatures faster than I can deal with them.

--Top Considerations--

Shambling Vent: The lifelink and 3 toughness could be relevant. May test it out by putting 2 into the mainboard.

Kor Firewalker: For my dismal Burn matchup. Will replace either Meddling Mage or Ceremonious Rejection in the Sideboard.

Bloodghast: A creature with built in recursion; would be good for maintaining offensive pressure and being the target of sacrifice effects like Liliana of the Veil.

Lingering Souls: Gums up the board, can provide consistent damage or consistent blockers, can be tossed to Baral in a pinch.

Timely Reinforcements: I think this card would slot in great in the mainboard, providing lifegain and bodies for a deck that rarely has much/many of either.

Sorin, Solemn Visitor: Provides lifegain and bodies on the board. Ult could be dangerous, but it's the first 2 abilities that put him on my radar.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet: A fantastic midrange threat, not sure how I feel about him with several of my hate cards exiling instead of putting creatures into the graveyard. The lifelink would be nice though, and could help balance out all the self-damage.

Leyline of Sanctity: For Burn and hand hate; I damage myself far too much to be taking direct damage, this would be ideal in keeping me alive to the midgame against my worst matchups.


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