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I like the deck quite a lot! Not the typical list, and so overall I like it more than the usual red list! :D I would give a word of advise for the basic lands. You don't have many green spells, and so, the basic forest can be a "dead land" when you try to cast your Goblin Chainwhirler . In my case, I haven't been able to cast Niv-Mizzet, Parun with four lands and a Sarkhan, just because I have a basic swamp. Or haven't been able to keep up a blue mana for Dive Down and so, my Niv-Mizzet got killed right away. So I took out the basic swamp :/

I mean, test for it, if it works for you, neat! If it doesn't, don't feel bad about cutting the basic forest for another XG dual. Anyhow, cool deck! Have fun brewing!

February 15, 2019 5:46 a.m.


It seems like the deck quite a lot. A problem I see with Akroma's Memorial is that it costs 7 mana, and that is a lot! I would suggest Concordant Crossroads , which grants all creatures haste, and it's way cheaper mana-wise, for just one green

February 15, 2019 5:04 a.m.

Hi Snivy__!

Actually I just updated the list yesterday taking out the Demon of Catastrophes just for the reasons you say. I would see it perfectly in any deck that has some protection in form of counterspells or protection spells, but that's certainly not the case here.

As for the Seraph of the Scales I took it out for Elenda, the Dusk Rose . I believe she has a lot more synergy with the deck, and can leave at least as many tokens as the Seraph. A common case, I imagine, will be casting her on turn 4, activating the Priest of Forgotten Gods and boom! That's already 3 +1/+1 counters on Elenda! :D

I considered Hero of Precinct One as a replacement for Hunted Witness . I'll definitely test for it, because despite being slower, the upside on the Hero is quite astounding.

Finally, I also considered a Green splash, not only for Journey to Eternity  Flip but also for Poison-Tip Archer which is pretty effective Blood Artist effect. I will definitely consider it more, and test for it now that you've mentioned it as well.

Thanks a lot for commenting and for your suggestions! :D

February 1, 2019 6:36 a.m.

Hi againg allexmatex!

I just thought you might be referring to Sultai Hydroid Krasis. I thought you meant Bant Control with Wilderness Reclamation and Hydroid Krasis as a finisher. I just saw that the other day. For the Sultai list, I think this deck is at the same level or even a bit favoured, with all the removal and sacrifice effects.

As for the Red matchups, I thought of including Elenda, the Dusk Rose . After seeing an MTGGoldfish stream, and some consideration, I think she can deliver at least as many tokens as the Seraph, and is a huge Lifelink threat.

Again, thanks for commenting! :)

January 30, 2019 1:41 p.m.

Hi allexmatex!

I glad you like the deck. I don't have Magic Arena at the moment, and I'm waiting for some cards to arrive, so I haven't done proper testing against those decks. I do think however it will be competitive against those decks. I don't think it will be a Tier 1 deck, but fun to play and competitive at the FNM level at the very least, maybe more than that.

Here's how I see it. Against Mono-Red, the creatures in this deck are quite cheap, I don't think I'll be that slow against it. Also, both the triggers from Judith, the Scourge Diva and Footlight Fiend can hit creatures, and slow down the Mono-Red opponent.

Against the Hydroid Krasis decks I think this deck is also well positioned. Basically Priest of the Forgotten Gods is a repeatable non-targeting removal outlet, in that, makes them sac a creature. If you have Judith out and you sac creatures, you resolve first the Judith triggers, kill the small stuff, and then they have to sac a real creature. After the sideboard, there's also Consecrate / Consume , Tithe Taker and Banefire which are basically great cards to bring in.

In general, yes, I think this deck can be competitive. Thanks for commenting! :)

January 30, 2019 7:21 a.m.

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The first suggestions I would give you is focus! A lot more focus when brewing a deck! When you build a new deck the first thing you want to do is to find the "plan" of your deck. That is, it's strategy, how it plans to win. And then stick to that with every card of your deck (or almost).

An example would be, in your list you have Twilight Panther which is a good defensive card, because of Deathtouch. However you also have Footlight Fiend which is a very Aggro card, which doesn't mind to trade in combat. Both cards are good, but they are essentially different in their plan. Equally, on the removal package, you have stuff like Sky Tether or Crush Contraband . Besides not being the best, they are really narrow. It would be best if they are in a sideboard, and you just bring them in for the matchups that would benefit from those cards.

Also, another piece of advice is the following: stick to 60 cards, or have a very good reason to have more than that. You will want to maximize the chance to get the very best cards in your deck in every draw. And so, as fewer cards your deck has, the closer to being drawn will be best cards be.

A good way to figure out how to build a good deck is to look at similar decks. Look for decks with a similar plan to what you want to build, and tune it and tweak it to your own taste.

Besides from all that, my advice is have fun brewing and playing! :D

January 29, 2019 12:45 p.m.

Hi SlackMiller2100!

I don't think Vindictive Vampire is that good here although it looks like it, and this is why. The lack of free repeatable sac outlets at will makes this card not as good as in a format as Commander or even Modern. In Modern, you can cast Blood Artist and start sacrificing 2-for-1 creatures, tokens and whatnot to Cartel Aristocrat and drain them for the win. In this format, you cast this for four mana, and the only sac outlet you can use is Priest of the Forgotten Gods , which is good, but not enough. Even with Teysa, and sacrificing two creatures this drains for four, which it will always be less than the damage that Demon of Catastrophes will do. Or any other of the four drops. Also, if the Vampire triggered on itself I would consider it more, but at it stands, unfortunately I think it's a draft all-star, and not a Standard playable.

Now Midnight Reaper on the other hand, that's something else! I think I was biased in a negative way, because this card killed me in the Prerelease by the damage of other creatures dying. And I thought that de damage that would amount in this deck would really add up. However, and giving it a second thought, surely the cards you draw deal more damage to you opponent than the damage it deals to you. I think it might be quite fine, actually. The Theater of Horrors I see it more in a quite Aggro, super low-to-the-ground deck, with a lot of burn. On the other hand, the Rix Maadi Reveler it's much better in a deck than can consistently empty it's hand, just like Rakdos Aggro or Mono-Red. For that reason, I think that the Reaper is quite a good addition to this deck

Once again, thanks a lot for you comment, I think it was a super necessary comment! :D You helped me a bunch brewing this deck!

January 28, 2019 4:57 a.m.


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