About This Deck:

I built this deck specifically because I was playing against a lot of decks with large, nasty targets - and because many either cycle to the library when they hit the graveyard or trigger some other effect (such as token creation or Library-searching), exile was my only real viable option.

The deck as a whole is a bit slow on win conditions, but it nevertheless does consistently well on average and also does an excellent job of upsetting other decks win conditions. It just won't be winning any speed records (by a long shot) in doing so.

Favorite Synergy Additions:

I like Midnight Charm because of the options it affords, particularly because (if needed) I can use it to blast High Priest of Penance -- who is, in my opinion, perhaps the most evil chump-blocker ever conceived. Paired with "Little Teysa's" effect (see above), he's even nastier. Depending on circumstance, this can turn into a devastating 1-mana play.

And of course, Crawlspace is one of my all-time favorite cards from the Urza Block. It's really a nice fit with the rest of the attrition in this deck. Between that, Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts , and Engineered Plague , it can really put the pain out on a token or tribal swarm deck. #shutdown


  • Utilize deterrent cards like High Priest of Penance , Crawlspace , Sudden Spoiling , and the cheap exile options from Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares to keep the opponent at bay until you can utilize Dark Ritual and Orzhov Basilica to play "Big Teysa" (see above). Sudden Spoiling is also great mid/late-game as a combo breaker.
  • All 3 versions of Teysa combo extremely well with one another: For instance, "Big Teysa" also pairs quite nicely with "Little Teysa" (see above), creating tokens (when attacked) which can be sacrificed and then re-sacrificed via "Little Teysa"s ability to obliterate the opponent's board state. "Medium Teysa" (see above) is great for all of the token generation.
  • Castigate and the activated ability on Pilfering Imp are great follow-ups once you've cleared off the board of some permanents and your opponent is sitting on only a couple of cards in-hand.
  • Don't pick 'Humans' for Engineered Plague , as all of the creatures in the deck save for Athreos, God of Passage and Pilfering Imp are vulnerable. Fortunately, the Human creature type typically comes with a second qualifying creature type like Rogue, Soldier, Warrior, etc that one can use to work around this. ('Advisor' is another vulnerable creature type to the deck, with about half of my creature choices qualifying, but it is a much less common creature type to run across, especially in a tribal capacity - and certainly not one with tokens or swarm mechanics.)

What I'm Looking For:

I'm looking for any suggestions on how to speed up its own win perhaps, though I don't want to sacrifice too much of its enormous exile capacity. I also don't have a good Turn 1 drop apart from Pilfering Imp unless somehow playing Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares becomes relevant (unlikely). Comments, Suggestions, and Up-Votes are highly appreciated!


Updates Add

Given the number of dual Black/White creatures in this deck, I'm going to try borrowing an idea from my Vampire Lifelink deck and use Edge of the Divinity to try and close out some quicker wins. The fact that it can be used (to full effect) on High Priest of Penance makes him all the more devastating with the Midnight Charm s.

I'm thinking of trying out Arvad the Cursed too given the high number of Legendary Creatures. I'm not sure he's worth it since attacking with them isn't a primary win condition (currently), but I'm game to toy around with it and see.


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