please explain to me further regarding the rule"You cannot sacrifice a creature that is already on its way to the graveyard"

Asked by metalmustaine 4 years ago

Because i saw this picture ashnod's altar That states as such. Does this mean that if a spell destroys a creature, you cannot sac it to be used to activate Ashnod's Altar's ability?

Boza says... Accepted answer #1

If you act in response to the spell, then the creature is not "on its way to the graveyard". It is still on the battlefield. So what you describe is perfectly legal.

This older printing (Antiquities if I am not mistaken) comes from an era when the comprehensive rules were not 200+ pages long and most of the rules what you now see in Gatherer rulings were written out on the card.

The text on the any card does not matter, the only relevant text in regards to rules can be located in Gatherer.

September 29, 2015 3:03 a.m.

Epochalyptik says... #2

Boza is correct. Remember that cards are always handled according to their Oracle text, not according to their printed text.

The "rule" in question is just a reminder that you can't sacrifice something that is in the process of undergoing a zone change. This means that an effect or a state-based action is currently causing that object to change zones, such as the state-based action of destroying a creature or the effect of exiling a permanent with Oblivion Ring. You don't have priority when SBAs are performed or when spells or abilities resolve. Therefore, you can't sacrifice anything unless you're instructed to as part of the effect that's currently being applied.

For example, say you have Viscera Seer and a 2/1. Your opponent attacks with a 2/2. You block with the 2/1. Now, if you want to sacrifice the 2/1, you need to do so before damage is dealt; once damage is dealt, the creature will be destroyed as a state-based action and it won't be on the battlefield by the time you get priority.

September 29, 2015 9:06 a.m.

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