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The Horde (alternate gameplay)

Unknown* BRGW Mono-Black Zombie


This is similar to an archenemy game, but it is a zombie invasion. It is design for 4v1 co-op EDH game. This idea came from the SCG Holloween special a while ago, as did most of the decklist.

Setup: shuffle all cards that have a quantity greater than 1 into a single deck, and separate it into three equal individual decks. All cards with quantity of 1 are then shuffled into two of the piles, and those two piles become the bottom two-thirds of the deck. This is to make it so the most powerful cards don't show up right away. Put division cards representing "stages" between each third of the deck. The horde is considered an additional player in the game and takes turns as below.

Survivors get 4 setup turns

Then, at each survivor's end step, horde will draw cards equal to the stage (stages are the top, middle, and bottom third of the deck, so 1, 2, and 3 respectively), and cast all cards individually in order drawn. Horde has infinite black mana.

Hordes turn, use all activated abilities including from-the-grave abilities (cast from, flashback, etc.) once if able, then attacks all at one player selected at random (summoning sickness still applies). As far as plainswalkers are concerned, the zombies will not attack the plainswalker. Instead, plainswalkers loyalty is linked to the player that controls them (example: if player A controls 3 plainswalkers and takes 5 damage, each of their plainswalkers also take 5 damage, divided as player A chooses).

*Players get all non-black cards, distributed as survivors see fit when they are revealed.

*Damage to the horde mills the horde.

*Players win when the horde is milled, can no longer play cards, and all zombies are dead.

*"Cannot attack" and "prevent damage" effects do not apply to the horde.

*Untapped zombies will block if able. The largest power zombies will block the largest attacking creatures when able (1 to each creature unless "menace" abilities are in play). If there is a tie, the attacker decides the how the tied creatures block.

*Sacrifice effects against, targeting effects of, and reanimation effects of the horde will be decided randomly.

This is designed to be not super competitive, but still can kill you if you aren't working together. Please let me know what you think!


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