The heart of the deck is the synergy with Proud Wildbonder, to get damage through to opponent(s), and Quartzwood Crasher, to create more trample creatures for damage. Atsushi, the Blazing Sky synergizes well with Wildbonder, gives some flying to the deck and has the ability ramp or get more cards to play. Old-Growth Troll provides more damage with the trample as well as the possibility for more ramp if it would die. Ignoble Hierarch for ramp/fix and Arbor Elf with Utopia Sprawl for more ramp, Explore also gets Lands down faster. Ram Through and Lightning Bolt for creature removal or can be used for direct damage. Thrill of Possibility for card draw with Commune with Nature to get creatures in hand. Rhythm of the Wild to give creatures haste or +1/+1 counters, and makes creatures uncouterable. Aspect of Hydra for increased damage or to limit creature removal from opponent(s).


The sideboard is still in progress but Pithing Needle is to shut down cards activated abilities. While, Veil of Summer is more for making cards uncounterable (it's easier to cast over Rhythm of the Wild and affects more than creatures while being an instant). Blood Moon to prevent non-basic lands from being used whether they are utility or for mana-fixing. Shattering Spree will usually replace Return to Nature in more Artifact heavy match-ups. Choke for heavy blue decks, like decks with Murktide Regent. Grafdigger's Cage to help counter reanimate and dredge decks. Soul-Guide Lantern or Klothys, God of Destiny for graveyard hate, Lantern for larger graveyard hate while Klothys for consistent hate with a benefit. Void Mirror to counter artifact decks like Affinity, and Torpor Orb to stop trigger from ETB's off of creature's.




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