Cunning Wish

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Cunning Wish


You may choose an instant card you own from outside the game, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Exile Cunning Wish.

Gidgetimer on Is there a way to …

3 years ago

What format? There are always the wish cycle ( Cunning Wish , Death Wish etc.) and Mastermind's Acquisition .

Draly on Munch

3 years ago

Hey ! It's my pleausure !

If you're not familiar with Legacy, the main difference between it and most formats is the large number of viable combo decks that you need to be mindful of. Every combo deck has its specificities but typically, with your kind of deck, you want to play the tempo game against them: you want to disrupt them just enough so that you can kill them before they recover. Every once in a while you'll get an insane opener like Dark Ritual -> Spoils of the Vault for Death's Shadow go to 3 -> double Death's Shadow -> kill t2 but it's pretty unlikely and they'll usually be faster than you, meaning that an all out aggro strategy will not do it. Those decks can kill t1 (again, pretty unlikely) but it's not unreasonnable to assume they'll win by t3 if left unchecked.

In Legacy, and even more with your deck, you want to be extremely efficient with your disruption because ressource management is tighter than in standard for example. So you need to identify what's most important in your opponent's deck. Here are some examples:

I think your deck will have particularly bad match-ups against recursive graveyard strategies like Hogaak, Dredge or Loam decks, so you'll need to dedicate a few cards in your SB to grave hate. For your deck the best would probably be Surgical Extraction but it's on the expensive side. Extirpate is a nice budget alternative, but the fact it costs mana can sometimes be problematic. I also like the OG Tormod's Crypt and I'd do a mix of both; Extirpate being more generally good against combo and Tormod's Crypt being more efficient. However, I'd keep away from Planar Void. In general you prefer to avoid middling options. You don't care that effect is permanent because you plan on killing them quickly after hitting them with grave hate and, being both less versatile and flexible than Extirpate (instant and good against some non graveyard combo decks) and less efficient than Tormod's Crypt (does not cost mana and better topdeck), it does not really excell at anything.

Obviously, if you have time, it's better that you try all this by yourself to interiorize it, but I think this is the general approach you want to adopt when looking at legacy. Figure out your role in the match-up, identify what cards are important, go for efficient and specialized answers rather than generally good but not excellent options.

lDruid on Mizzie, Bringer of Storms

3 years ago

Yes, plainsrunner my group has agreed upon a limited SB or "wishboard" of 10 cards 5 for Burning Wish 5 for Cunning Wish.

MurderForBrunch on Go with the Flow! Legacy High Tide

3 years ago

Hi Flooremoji! To be honest, I haven't played the deck a ton, but it's been alright for me! I've seen people have a similar distribution of counterspells, adding a proper Counterspell or a Pact of Negation in the mainboard. If needed, you can always Cunning Wish for a Pact!

The Search for Azcanta  Flip can be fairly powerful, but the thing is that it's slow. I like it in the Control matchup, and as I mentioned in the description, my meta is fairly Control heavy. A really cool thing to do with it, is to activate it (sometimes with just one Island, if you've cast multiple High Tide) and untap it with either Turnabout or Time Spiral! :D

Hi 0rc! The thing about Daze is that it's very good on curve, on turn 2 or 3, for the early stages of the game, specially if you can afford to bounce an Island. But unlike Flusterstorm it's not a hard counter, it's in fact a pretty soft counterspell! And when you're comboing off, paying one mana is fairly easy for any opponent! Specially if they have Islands as well, because High Tide also increases their mana. Flusterstorm is mostly a protective counterspell in counter wars, for when you're comboing off, and the Storm count is at least 3 or 4. The deck can pretty handedly combo with 4 Islands and a good hand, more securely with 5 Islands, and if you have a great hand, even with 3 Islands! Having High Tide, Turnabout and Time Spiral you can cast Tide, untap with Turnabout, cast the Spiral, draw 7, you have six mana... if you haven't played a land yet (turn 4+ then) it's awesome...

Oh! I love this deck! hahaha Thanks to you both for commenting!

MurderForBrunch on Go with the Flow! Legacy High Tide

3 years ago

Hi 0rc! Indeed one of my win cons is Blue Sun's Zenith, the other one being Brain Freeze, which I can get with Cunning Wish.

I don't think I'm running Daze, this deck is a combo deck that wants to have as many Islands as possible on the field before going off. In that sense, Daze delays you a whole turn! On the other hand Flusterstorm is great when you're going off and Storm count is 12 or 15! As for Stifle, maybe, idk. I see it quite okay in the tempo decks such as Delver, but in all in combo decks, I don't see it as much. Maybe as a sideboard option, against Storm to Stifle the Tendrils of Agony storm trigger. That would be spicy!

Still, thanks for the comment! I appreciate it!

SynergyBuild on Lotus storm

3 years ago

Personally I would recommend dropping a Grapeshot for a Brain Freeze, as you want to be able to turn your Merchant Scrolls into a wincon when going off, additionally Cunning Wish is a huge help, you can toss a sideboard copy of a lot of tutor targets, and get additional copies of them, Bonus Round can also be huge if you want an insane engine that works well if you go for a red splash.

Now for the Past in Flames build, Intuition and Gifts Ungiven and a bunch more support the build well, and can use a stand-alone Life from the Loam to get back a tutored Lotus Field as well as having side-ways synergy with the deck's fetchlands and Lonely Sandbars.

jaymc1130 on Formatting Question: Companions?

4 years ago

EDH doesn't have a sideboard or additional "cards from outside the game" by default for a reason mate. A very specific reason. Because that addition warps the format massively and skews power to the cards that would occupy those card slots. This is all well known fact, it's why cards like Cunning Wish aren't played in EDH. The power level of such cards should the format be altered to allow them to reach their potential is exorbitantly high, the consistency they offer decks is too great. EDH needs to remain a format where such types of mechanics are not allowed, either by technicality as they are prohibited now, or by outright illegality to preserve the health of the format overall from both casual and competitive standpoints.

You can disagree with this premise as much as you would like, but facts are facts and the rules are the way they are for the reasons illustrated above. The health of the format overall takes precedence over whatever opinion you might hold.

enpc on Companion in Commander

4 years ago

So for those of you who don't already know, the RC has pre-banned Lutri, the Spellchaser since unless you're running a Shadowborn Apostle deck, you pre-qualify for Lightning Otter's companion ability (assuming you're playing izzet colours).

This raises an interesting point though - It seems as if the RC have decided that you can in fact run a companion card as your 101st card in the deck. This is odd though, considering that while the wish cards (e.g. Cunning Wish) are all legal in commander, you can't run a wishboard.

So what are people's thoughts about this? Should companion as an ability be disabled for commander (which would in turn unban Lutri)? or should Commander allow companion? And what follow-on effects do you think this will have?

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