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Red Deck Does More Than Win.. Tis UNDEFEATED

Modern Aggro Burn Competitive Red Deck Wins RW (Boros)



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Last week, this deck's first playtest at tournament was deemed a total success. Undefeated the whole night! The title says that red decks do more than win. In the case of this deck, that is true. I was playing this guy. I was smacking him real good and towards the end of round two, he was beginning to make a comeback...until I top-decked a Boros Charm for the win. He grabbed his shit and left without a word; he left the tournament. He was a touch butthurt.

The deck splashes red and white but the mana always seems to come my way. The deck is incredibly fast and has churned out consistent turn five wins and occasionally I can get a turn four win. The deck can fling enough damage that even turn 3 wins are a thing. I would give you a run down of every card in the board but that would be trite and redundant. You can see what is in the deck and the concept isn't too incredibly challenging. I would like to highlight the card Browbeat. My friend asked why I put it in the deck. He was not a believer. Imagine his surprise when it was turn five, I dropped a Browbeat and he allowed me to draw a Lightning Bolt, Magma Jet, and a Lava Spike which ultimately killed him next turn. TRUTH: Browbeat rakes in the bitches.

THE SIDEBOARD: There is some interesting some stuff going on. So, some fag tot at my local meta packs around a Living End deck. Tormod's Crypt has a comfy home in my board to handle this broken, broken deck of his.

So, knowing that living end decks are a thing, it is also wise to consider the other strategies roaming around in modern. There is the splinter twin plan and the almighty storm deck. So, to handle the twin decks, I have installed a playset of Echoing Truth which will give a big, fat no to the player who just made an infinite number of stupid shit. Eidolon of the Great Revel decimates storm decks. It harms me as well but it hurts them a heck of a lot more. Try cantripping to victory when my eidolon is shooting fiery, hot lava cum down your throat for two damage each time! Oh, and i have Flamebreak for aggro decks. This card polishes off creatures and flings some damage which prevents a dead turn from happening. I found that this was a better alternative to, say, Anger of the Gods or Slagstorm . Also, I have enchantment and artifact removal. i found out that Spellskite will bone my deck. I need a way to outright destroy something as broken as that faggy thing. The sideboard is subject to change as the deck sees more playtests and when the community makes good suggestions

All the bases are covered!

Comments, suggestions, plus one's, or sexy selfies are encouraged!!!!


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