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I made this awhile back and forgot all about it. With some recent cards acquired, I hoped to have improved it a bit.

It's a 12 Post build (technically 15 Post with Thespian's Stage ), that utilizes a strong mana base to get out huge beasties quickly. The gimmick is that I use no colored creatures or mana sources.

This 'may' become one of my competitive decks at one point, but it's here now as more of a casual deck.

I've decided to go the MUD route with this, sort of, and see how that goes. I'm missing some key pieces like Ancient Tomb, Metalworker, and Grim Monolith, but Eldrazi Temple does a decent job.


Clearing comments as they're no longer relevant. Thanks for the suggestions!

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MurderFaces says... #1

I definitely like the Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Im looking forward to testing him in Mud and 12 Post lists after his release.

December 28, 2014 2:18 p.m.

MurderFaces says... #2

Also whats your primary cmc to hit with chalice, if its at 1 then 12 maindeck one drops seems daring.

December 28, 2014 2:19 p.m.

Thanks! Yeah, I've been doing some thinking about Chalice. Having it set at one screws so many decks in the format, thus making most of my one drops pointless. I like Needle, as it hoses Wasteland. I may take out Amulet and Top, though. I'm also learning to pilot this effectively, figuring out how/when to play the tax effects ala Golem, Chalice, and 'Sphere.

December 29, 2014 1:16 p.m.

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