W/U Aggro-evasion.

This is meant to be a potential win on turns 4-6. Several games played with it, it starts out fast and strong, but stalls out easily. Looking for suggestions.

Bant Sureblade, Esper Stormblade, Battlewise Hoplite: The Blades play off of the multi-color permanent trend in the deck, easily beefing up to a 3/2 flier and a 3/2 First Strike on the 2nd or 3rd turn. Hoplite continuously grows throughout the game and helps filter out needed cards; possible turn 3 5/5 Unblockable Lifelinker with Scry 1 that can make good use of the targeting in the other spells.

Judge's Familiar is the 1-drop triple threat. Chump Blocker check. Potential Flying attacker check. Potential spell counter check (usually going to just delay a spell for a turn or two). And can proc the Blades.

Hands of Binding offers excellent board control slowing down other decks and providing a clear avenue of attack. The Cipher actually works well here so long as I can keep hitting.

Slip Through Space offers me a quick card draw, possible scry, and gives unblockable, not sure if this card will stay or not. More times than not I'm simply using it to get a card.

Triton Tactics is a potent 1-drop, providing strong instant speed defense when it looks like I'm open for attack while sleeping the blocked attackers afterwards allowing for retaliation.

Barkshell Blessing is another good 1-drop providing instant damage or defense and can be a potential finisher move, Conspire mechanic works in with my 1 drop creatures.

Steel of the Godhead, my main 3-drop to bring out once a creature on the field. W/U creatures getting +2/+2 Lifelink and Unblockable. This is usually the game winner if I can get it.

Emerge Unscathed instant speed protection, hard-block, or unblockable with rebound on my next upkeep. I decided to add this into the deck after a few games, Ciphers require you to hit, and more often than not I have not been able to Scry or Draw into a Godhead.

Rounding out the deck is Lagonna-Band Trailblazer for it's 1-drop 4 defense and Heroic ability. This card is either going to draw out the game which benefits Heroic mechanics and helps set up Ciphers or it will force a removal sparing my main offensive creatures. This is up for replacement if the right 1-drop can be found.

--Turn 4 Win--

The turn 4 win is very dependent on having Battlewise Hoplite out on turn 2. After that a combination of spells targeting Battlewise to boost it's counters so that on turn 4 you can swing for the win. Battlewise's Scry perk from targeting gives you a good chance of Scrying into supporting spells if you don't have what you need in your hand. Turn 4 land drop isn't necessarily needed either with the right combination of spells. By adding a 2 power 1-drop I can make the turn 4 win easier to achieve, I'll likely be dropping Lagonna-Band Trailblazer for War Falcon since I run 8 soldiers.

------------------Side Board----------------------

Leyline of Singularity: Cheap alternative for use against Affinity and Token/swarm decks.

Condescend and Mana Leak: Currently for 2nd or 3rd game use. Opponent is likely to switch in creature spot removal, these get switched in to deal with that.

Glimpse the Sun God: I'm experimenting with this. Blocker removal and attack prevention in one card, possible Heroic enabler as well.


Updates Add

Shock lands incoming, and check-lands going in. For reasons of budget I'm not seeking out the fetches.

As I've found, this deck can handle Boggle well. Against Elves it's a toss-up dependent on who draws what they need first. Affinity wrecks this deck but only because I haven't built in the side-board yet which there are several options to use for it. Not sure how it works against Dredge and Jund. Burn isn't much of a problem.

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