Azorius, Side Step

Modern Calliber


Dec. 23, 2016

2 more games against the prior mono-green deck, this time I was hitting my 1 drops. Both games lost. 1st game turn 7 opponent flooded his field and buffed with trample, but was down to 6 life. I was unable to block enough damage and wasn't able to pull Godhead. Second game went to turn 12. I had full advantage with 3 fliers on the field, Stormblade ciphered with Hands of Binding, ready for the finishing blow on turn 6 and opponent drops Westvale Abbey  Flip with 5 creatures on the board, sacs and flips with 7 life to go. Stand off for 5 turns as I didn't bother attacking due to the creature's Lifelink, and he couldn't attack since that would leave him open to Hand of Binding locking down the Demon. I had to burn 2 Barkwoods and 1 Triton Tactics just to scry 5 times hoping to pull one of my remaining 11 cards that could either tap the Demon or give my Stormblade Unblockable. 5 scrys, and 5 draws......nothing. Opponent gets his elves back out and tramples through my defenders.