Gearshift Ace


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Gearshift Ace

Creature — Dwarf Artificer

Whenever Gearshift Ace crews a Vehicle, that Vehicle gains first strike until end of turn.

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Gearshift Ace Discussion

sepharus30 on The Kaladesh 500

2 months ago

hey Legba

currently Lupine Prototype is being tested as a way to crew most of the vehicles in the deck easily while having a decent blocker or attacker late game when hands are scarce. Barrage Tyrant is for when I can't seem to get through someone's defenses and Instead I'll just chuck a vehicle at their head. I had Gearshift Ace in this decks first couple iterations and just wasn't feeling it. I'll admit, Gideon is a bit of an after thought but tokens and his emblem make me want to give him a shot in standard before putting him back in my ally deck.

Legba on The Kaladesh 500

2 months ago

I suggest cutting a few cards that feel to me like they don't belong as much, such as Lupine Prototype, Welding Sparks, Barrage Tyrant, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Fine cards, but they don't work your combo.

Instead, complete playsets of excellent cards such as Veteran Motorist, Siege Modification, Built to Last, and Built to Smash.

I also recommend Renegade Wheelsmith, Gearshift Ace.

Orion93 on Standard Artifacts

2 months ago

Well the best vehicle right now is Heart of Kiran but holy cow man it's a $20 card.

Usually the better creatures in a vehicle deck and some of the most played are, in this order:Veteran MotoristGearshift AceDepala, Pilot Exemplar

But you can use any creature to crew. Those are just the most common because of how they boost your field or state of play.

I've been playing around with a combo using Mobile Garrison , Quicksmith Rebel , Spireside Infiltrator and a bunch of Implement of Combustion.

Lots of tap for damage, untap with mobile garrison and tap for more damage then sacrifice the implement to deal more and get to draw. It isn't great and really that's about all I've got so far haha but it's just one of the ways to use vehicles.

Orion93 on Flying Ships

3 months ago

In a vehicle deck it's better to run Depala, Pilot Exemplar and Gearshift Ace than it is to run Sram and Ariel responder. They give better boosts to your vehicles. Also while demolition stomper is cool it's not great. Maybe try out Metalwork Colossus instead.

You should find some room for Sram's Expertise and Servo Exhibition. Having little bodies to crew big vehicles is great.

The common "winning" vehicle deck is Mardu vehicles. And its good. Plays fast. Good beat down deck. But I prefer decks built by actual people with originality. So maybe check it out but don't copy it. Good luck to you!

Pieguy396 on My Free Deck

3 months ago

Hi, there! Welcome to TappedOut and the wonderful world of Magic!

Since you're just starting out, my main suggestion would be to pick a theme and stick to it. Right now, you have a bunch of cards that fit into multiple strategies, but those cards don't necessarily all fit into the same strategy. Renegade Wheelsmith, for example, works great in a Vehicle deck, but you only have one Vehicle (Mobile Garrison). Foundry Assembler is excellent in a deck full of artifacts, but you don't have a ton of artifacts. Your Self-Assembler, for example, can only find one card in your deck, Foundry Assembler, but what do you do if you've already drawn it?

This is just my personal opinion, but I've always found Vehicle decks to be fun. Fleetwheel Cruiser, Sky Skiff, Untethered Express, and Renegade Freighter are some examples of good Vehicles, and you can use Skysovereign as your flagship card, so to speak. You'll also need creatures to crew your vehicles, though, and Veteran Motorist, Toolcraft Exemplar, Depala, Pilot Exemplar, and Gearshift Ace, as well as the aforementioned Renegade Wheelsmith would all work well. You can add Start Your Engines, Siege Modification, or more Aerial Modifications as support cards as well. Of course, this isn't the only possible strategy you could take. You can add more Self-Assemblers for your Self-Assemblers to find, or add cards like Terrarion to help Improvise your Foundry Assembler. There are a ton of possible routes you can go down, and I'm sure you'll be able to find one that fits your liking.

I hope this helps!

TimothyClover on Vehicles

3 months ago

It looks promising, but I think you should put some cheaper creatures in there to crew the vehicles sooner!

Maybe 2 more Gearshift Aces and add 4 Trusty Companions.

You could also put a few Mountains in there to add guys like Renegade Wheelsmith, Depala, Pilot Exemplar, and Veteran Motorist!

It may also be good to take out some of the expensive creatures. Wispweaver Angel and Airdrop Aeronauts are fun together, but they cost a lot of mana and don't work too well with anything else in the deck. I do think Exquisite Archangel is worth keeping, though!

Stephencliffe on vehicles and Dwarves

3 months ago

I typed in my suggestions on how to make this deck more competitive, but by then end, I had written about a page. You don't want to read all that, so here is a condensed version. Understand that I'm not at all trying to be rude with my comments, simply to the point. Enjoy.

Smuggler's Copter is good, run four of them. Scrap your other vehicles, they're not worth playing. Just trust me on this. Tapping all of your creatures to crew vehicles that are just going to be blown up by your opponent isn't a great game-plan.

Dwarf tribal isn't really working for this deck. Glint-Sleeve Artisan and Gearshift Ace are pretty awful in modern. Scrap the dwarf tribal plan. That doesn't mean you can't play any dwarves, but only play them if they're good enough to stand alone without help from Depala, Pilot Exemplar.

Naya zoo is a very fast deck in the format. Just look up naya zoo and you'll know what I'm talking about (not to assume that you don't already know of the deck, but I imagine that you might be somewhat new to magic, or at least competitive deckbuilding).

From that list, you can take cards like Kird Ape, Loam Lion, Goblin Guide and Wild Nacatl. Maybe even Steppe Lynx if you'll be running fetch lands. This will require you to move into green, but mana fixing in modern is pretty easy. Expensive, but easy.

So yeah, if you want to be competitive (and if you don't, that's also fine), you should maybe brew your own version of naya zoo that includes Smuggler's Copter and a bunch of 1/1 tokens to crew copter. Otherwise, copter isn't really worth playing (too slow).

Sorry for being so lengthy with my comment, hope this helps. Feel free to bounce ideas off of me if you have any questions.

sepharus30 on American Muscle

3 months ago

The duel lands aren't that great this set. I've had luck with Inventors' Fair but as for the rest of the deck the humans really aren't the best to use. The dwarfs in the set do it better. Like Gearshift Ace and Speedway Fanatic Also Start Your Engines is super helpful

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