Target creature gets -4/-4 until end of turn.

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Common
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Common

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal

Throttle Discussion

SkulduggeryP on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Flavor text referencing Vallon, Thraben Inspector occurs in Erdwal Illuminator, Vessel of Paramnesia and Throttle. Make a legendary creature out of Vallon.

ExpletoryOrb on what am i doing

2 years ago

alright so here goes, so the cards to the left can be swapped with the ones to the right, it has the same or very similair effect but for a reduced mana cost etc.

Throttle -> Grasp of Darkness

Bloodtallow Candle -> Dismember

Whispers of Emrakul -> Hymn to Tourach

Painful Lesson -> Night's Whisper (there is also: Sign in Blood

Lethal Sting -> Victim of Night (there is also Go for the Throat)

Dutiful Return -> Ghoulcaller's Chant ? (its cheaper and will almost always be for a zombie? a lot cheeper but its your call.)

Abyssal Specter -> Hypnotic Specter

the next ones are cards i think you should strip, i will list them and then explain why:

Ruin Rat : you already have a few of these, and this isnt even a zombie. there are just better cards out there that arent expensive at all, (i'll give some suggestions further down the post)

Shambling Attendants : Just strictly bad, you dont want to play a 3/5 dude for 8 mana ever.

Cruel Feeding : its just pretty bad, the strive cost is very expensive just to +1/0 lifelink. dont use this unless you had something specific in mind that i didnt catch up on reading the list.

Duress and Divest : these never really do much, yes you get to pick away 1 card and see 1 hand but you will almost never hit anything especially good, only run this if you are planning to do a lot of 1v1 EDH.

Here are some suggestions of cards that are very cheap and are pretty good:

Empty the Pits

Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie Master

Nevinyrral's Disk


Kassu01 on

3 years ago

IzMe why not replace Throttle with Grasp of Darkness, the same result with smaller mana cost

iglesia777 on Black Deck HELP!

3 years ago

Well the benefit of playing mono-black is you get to use all the good removal that takes 2BB. So you might as well go 4x Grasp of Darkness and Murder over the other removal cards like Throttle, Demon's Grasp and Bone Splinters.

Also being one color means you don't need mana fixing, so drop the Prophetic Prism. In your deck it's just pay 2 to replace itself.

Maybe some vehicles with smaller crew cost would be nice like Smuggler's Copter, Renegade Freighter or Sky Skiff. Then go with 4x Night Market Lookout and 4x Vampire Envoy.

I agree more creatures would be good. Especially if you have cards that need to return one from the graveyard. I like Mindwrack Demon for ya there.

Good luck!

BioProfDude on Standard graveyard shenanigans

3 years ago

Haunted Dead would be the most obvious card to add. The idea is to get it into the graveyard directly from your hand or from your library, and you do have cards to do that (e.g., Corpse Churn, Cryptbreaker). Casting it for from the graveyard bring sit in with a 1/1 spirit and any Prized Amalgams that you have the in the graveyard-- very powerful! You have to discard 2 cards-- and that can include a Prized Amalgam, if you have one in your hand, then bring that in with Haunted Dead. It's a wicked good combo.

Instead of Throttle, which is high mana cost, I suggest Grasp of Darkness which does the same for a fraction of the mana cost!

I have a similar zombie deck. Perhaps you could get some ideas from it? U/B Zombies with no funny deck name

Good luck!

Scathain on Zombination

3 years ago

In my experience, Army of the Damned is rather color intensive for tron. Not impossible to use, but quite risky. If you decide you want to risk it, you are really going to want 4 Prophetic Prisms, and should consider adding another 4 swamps. I'd also drop the Dash Hopes, the 5 damage they will likely let themselves take is unlikely to be significant (the rest of your deck is either going to zombie horde for a huge amount of damage, or do direct damage that is likely just short of being able to kill the opponent) and its too color intensive for tron, even with Urborg.

If your playgroup uses infect at all, you should consider Wretched Banquet, it will allow you to kill their first creature on your first turn, and should prove useful until you can cast Army of the Damned. Also, the last thing you want is land destruction taking tron offline, which is what Warping Wail is for. I'd also dump Quag Sickness and Throttle from the sideboard.

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