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The idea behind this crime against humanity of a deck is simple: Turn the simple act of spellcasting into an agonizing, Sisyphean nightmare.

Enchant your victim's lands as much as possible with Pooling Venom and Contaminated Ground. Since Psychic Venom isn't modern legal, you will need to Copy Enchantment your existing enchanments until you've locked up their mana. Evil Presence serves well as an early game disruption to their pool, but can be sideboarded in favor of Sea's Claim against certain decks. Muddle the Mixture is a good counter that can also tutor your enchantments.

Once you have turned the act of tapping lands for mana into an excruciating ordeal, you will want to control their plays tightly by forcing them to have to pay for their spells over and over again (LOL).

Vapor Snag is a good tool for this, while Boomerang is good against other permanents, especially any lands which might have escaped your special touch. Mark of Eviction is not only cheap and reusable, but also hilariously demoralizing because it keeps the creature on the battlefield long enough for your opponent to fully pass through all six stages of grief, including anger, denial, bargaining and finally acceptance that the Life Points sacrificed to summon it will be all be flushed down the toilet before summoning sickness ends. Oh, and then Mark of Eviction returns to your hand so you can do it all over again!

Remand is a great counter that makes your opponent pay for his or her spells again, and providing draw power.

Eventually, your opponents will stop hurting themselves, and then you must take matters into your own hands. Icy Manipulator is a good option for force-tapping poisoned lands, and if you draw one early game, it might be prudent to stack your enchantments on a single land. Another good strategy is to cipher Hidden Strings onto an Invisible Stalker, which usually puts your opponent out of their misery quickly.

Any improvements/suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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