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PDH(RU) - Big Stupid Nonsense

Pauper EDH* UR (Izzet)



Step 1: Play some Big Stupid Nonsense.

(step 1.5: bounce some stuff with Brinelin)

Step 2: Tap Alena for Big Stupid Mana

Step 3: Untap her once or twice (or many times?)

Step 4: Fireball I guess?

Attacking with Big Stupid Nonsense is basically my favorite thing to do in Magic. So naturally, I lean towards Izzet as a deckbuilder. Few things are bigger or stupider than Glacial Crasher, Ripscale Predator, Skaab Goliath, and Magma Hellion. Alena and Brinelin provide some very cool tech for us here: Alena will feed us absurd amounts of mana, and Brinelin will get blockers out of our way. We don't have a lot of draw, so if we spend our absurd amounts of Alena mana on additional huge spells, we'll run out of cards in a hurry. Which is why our main line of play is to use that mana to

1) equip hasty equipment (Bogardan Rager is dapper af in Crystal Slippers, and Haunted Cloak really brings out Granitic Titan's eyes)


2) firebreathe the dudes all day long.

That's (mostly) all there is to it. Dropping colossal stupid nonsense and turning it sideways is about 90% of this deck.


Using Alena's mana to firebreathe is great. But if we untap her with a Teardrop Kami or a Hidden Strings, we get even more mananas. That kind of mana will let us do some absurd blowouts with stuff like Fireball and Kaervek's Torch, to help us close out games.

There are three cards in the deck that'll let us untap Alena multiple times: Freed from the Real, Galvanic Alchemist, and Singing Bell Strike. None of these go infinite with Alena by herself, but the potential is there.

  • For Singing Bell Strike, we need 7+ power on a single creature. Only Maelstrom Colossus and Nyxborn Brute have that printed. Bogardan Rager and Bone Pit Brute can also get us there if they target themselves with their EtB effect. Brinelin can get there if Opal Palace or Forge of Heroes gets involved. Chartooth Cougar and Vildin-Pack Outcast   can get there if I have an unreasonable pile of starting mana. In fact, I should note that each of these situations involves a ton of starting mana, since you need to cast your huge creature and probably cast Singing Bell Strike in the same turn.

  • Galvanic Alchemist and Freed From the Real are mostly just in the deck to untap Alena a few times, until I run out of Blue Mana. If Signpost Scarecrow get involved, though, I probably won't run out of Blue Mana.

  • If I do end up with infinite mana, I still have the problem of what to do with it. Fireball and Rolling Thunder are the easy answers to this question. Volcanic Rambler also works as an out. Kaervek's Torch and Lava Burst can each kill a single opponent. Firebreathing can kill an opponent if they have no blocks or if my attacker tramples. But there's honestly not many huge plays here.

Ultimately, these combos are not really the goal of the deck, so it's not something I'm dedicating a lot of cards to. (I know about Muddle the Mixture and Drift of Phantasms and Prismite and all the other redundancy I could be running, I'm just not interested in running it). The combo cards are here because they're useful outside of the combo. If I never hit these combos, and never get infinite mana, and the only thing I do is beat people to death with Big Stupid Creatures (as Richard Garfield intended), I'll be extremely pleased with myself and this deck.


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