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Sideboard and match up discussion:

Four color control is absolutely this decks worst match ups, they play up to 16 main deck pieces of removal including fury and solitude so trying to stick a threat is incredibly arduous and making sure that the correct one actually sticks is paramount. The sideboard is incorporated with 2 Blood Moon to distrupt their Leyline Binding, a Pithing Needle to disrupt Teferi, Time Raveler and a copy of Kolaghan's Command to not only hedge against Chalice of the Void (along with Cast into the Fire, Engineered Explosives and Force of Negation) but to also snipe their Solitude and get back one of our non-exiled creatures to replay. This deck has decent match ups against the rest of the meta including Yawgmoth, Thran Physician combo, rakdos Grief scam and cascade decks like Living End and 4c rhinos so the rest of the sideboard is devoted to just giving us incremental advantages in those match ups. Just play the bread and butter of the deck well and you should have a proper win percentage against these decks (but damn, 4c control is such an abysmal match up)


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