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Maze's End Turbo Fog

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I wanted to try and make a Maze's End deck that is playable in Modern. This is the first playable version I've made. Ideally the play goes like this: Use the various Fog type cards to stall out the game, while Howling Mine and Rites of Flourishing keeps your hand full so can assemble your Maze's End wincon while putting down extra lands. Near-Death Experience combines with Angel's Grace for an emergency win condition. Amulet of Vigor helps you keep up with you opponent(s) due to all the gates entering tapped. The sideboard probably still needs some work. Thanks guys! I'm torn on how many Riot Control to include. On one hand it's a 3CMC card for a fog effect with spotty lifegain, on the other, it's the only card (besides Angel's Grace , but it's not the same effect) that prevents all damage done to you, not specifying combat damage, which helps with burn. Maybe I should include more in the sideboard?


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