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Umori, the Collector is ramp in the command zone.

33x Slime Against Humanity cover the world in green slime that grows at a frightening rate.

Deckbuilding Challenge:
1. Mono-green
2. No creatures

Typically wins by turn: 10

  1. Play Umori, the Collector and ramp spells.
  2. Play Slime Against Humanity spells.
  3. Attack.
  1. Combat damage
  • You want to play your commander in most games.
  • You like playing in ways few decks can.
  • You enjoy mono-green's straightforward aggressive gameplay.
  • You dislike playing your commander in most games.
  • You want more card variety beyond the novelty of Slime Against Humanity.
  • You prefer multiple win conditions.
  • Built-in ramp.
  • High threat level on a budget.
  • Easy upgrade path to Golgari staples if your playgroup grows more competitive.
  • Counterspells.
  • Limited card advantage.
  • Low interaction.
  • 33x Slime Against Humanity is the magic number for Thrumming Stone to be lethal.
  • Why mono green spellslinger? Because I wanted to see what the simplest, runs like its on rails, most brute force version of Slime Against Humanity could do.
  • Garruk's Uprising does not trigger on our Ooze tokens as they enter the battlefield as 0/0 creatures before their +1/+1 counters are added. However, Tribute to the World Tree works in it's place!
  • I tried out Mesmeric Orb and Altar of the Brood but they were only showing up by chance since there are no tutors and even with more draw in the deck it still was so inconsistent. Alt win conditions are snart but these better fit with Black who can tutor them.


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