Yea I suck at building decks so I decided to get Lorehold Legacies. I really just wanted to get out of my comfort zone as I seem to always gravitate towards green so I went for some less creature-heavy Boros deck. Been fun so far and I want to make some upgrades so it can feel a bit more optimized. Sideboard is what I have from the original premade deck that I would still take out in order to optimize more and maybeboard is other cards I am considering fitting in. As you can see I am trying to add some more self mill and recursion so I can just take whatever I want from my graveyard and multiply the hell out of it. Right now I think it comes down to what artifacts I want in the deck. I think that the "must-haves" include Gilded Lotus and Lotus Bloom for big mana, Grinding Station or Keening Stone for self mill, and Mindslaver and Rings of Brighthearth just for havin a good time. I think almost every non-artifact card in the maybe board could fit in easily with the deck but I could definitely be convinced to cut more creatures for more artifacts. As always I appreciate all the help anyone may have to offer. :)


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